Out With the Wedding Binder, in With Pinterest

The wedding binder is perhaps one of the most stereotypical, yet sacred tools for planning a wedding.  The countless clippings, the organized tabs, the thought and detail…it’s a pretty serious thing.  It’s been around for ages, and we’ve seen more than our share of brides lugging it to and from appointments.  But now, there’s a new wedding inspiration tool that is giving the wedding binder a run for its money.  It’s name?  Pinterest.

What is Pinterest?  According to the website itself, “Pinterest lets your organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web.”  Think about the countless times a day where you see something online and think, “I’ve got to remember that!”  Well now, with Pinterest, there’s no more bookmarking, saving images, or jotting down websites.  With the simple click of a button, you can save the inspiration right to your pinboard.  Another added bonus?  The site saves and links to the original source of the image, so you can easily revisit the link for a refresher.

How do you organize images?  The beauty of Pinterest is that you can organize your images and inspiration ideas however you want.  You can create as many boards as you want, labeling them whatever your wedding planning heart desires.  You can create a board for ceremony ideas, floral, centerpieces, hair, groomsman accessories…the list is endless!  Pinterest lets your organize your ideas however you want!

Where do I get pins?  You can pin things from any place on the web, but lots of Pinterest users love the site because it allows users to connect with one another and share ideas.  Much like you follow people on Twitter, you can follow different people’s Pinterest boards.  This allows you to see what they’re pinning and be inspired by them.  There are some incredible wedding boards out there, and in fact, we’re thinking about starting one of our own!

How can I share my Pinterest with vendors?  Another perk of Pinterest is that it can be viewed from any computer or smart device.  You can email links to vendors or even better, take Pinterest with you to meetings on your iPad or other tablet.  And of course, there is a Pinterest app!

As much as we love the old school wedding binder, we can’t help but dig the ease of Pinterest.  Inspirational and functional, a fabulous combination in the wedding planning world!  So go ahead, give Pinterest a try.  We promise, you won’t be disappointed!

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