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Pink + Navy Stripes.  No matter what year or decade, stripes always seem to be a popular spring trend.  Nautical just never goes out of style!  We love the simple and classic look of this centerpiece, as pink meets navy.  While most people would pair navy with yellow or red, this centerpiece takes a bit more of a fun twist with a nice springy pink.  And for people who think carnations aren’t the most elegant flower, are you thinking twice with this look?  Grouped monochromatically, they pack quite the punch without going overboard.

Black + White.  Brides have long worn all white wedding dresses on their special day, and while some brides go non-traditional with colored dresses, most choose to stay with the classic white.  But when we saw this bride’s black accents, we stopped in our tracks with a collective “oooohh!”  She introduces the classic color with her belt, birdcage veil, and pendent necklace.  We’re especially smitten with the black birdcage, an elegant yet funky combination.

Christina Carroll Photography

Small Things + Love.  We started pinning quotes this week, and it’s amazing how much a few simple words can inspire and uplift you.  We love this quote because it’s such a great reminder that no matter what you do, do it with love.  No matter how small it seems, love takes it to a new level.




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