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Ceremony Seating Sign.  One of the things we hear guests mutter most often as they enter a wedding is, “What side do we sit on?”   The age-old tradition of having guests sit either on the bride or the groom’s side, based on which member of the couple they know better, has continued to stump guests for years.  And though many couples take a “sit wherever” approach, guests often don’t know unless the couple has told them prior to the big day.  So when we saw this sweet sign, we sighed deep breath, not just for the sweet sentiment, but also for all the guests out there who can now pick a seat without so much stress.  Recreate this look by using an easel, a DIY chalkboard, or a framed print as guests enter the ceremony.

Multiple Cakes.  We’ve seen the grand, multi-tiered wedding cake approach, and we’ve seen the sweet and singular approach, and we’re big fans of both.  But when we saw these six vintage inspired cakes, we had to smile.  They managed to incorporate both approaches!  We love how they have six different cakes, each a little different in size and texture, made festive with multi-colored cake stands and cute vintage cake toppers.  This is a great way to incorporate different flavors, as well as a budget friendly approach to cakes.  And if you’re going to DIY wedding route, this approach would be a great solution!

Pinky Promise.  Most of us can remember “pinky swearing” at some point in our life.  Whether with a childhood friend, a parent, or a first love, the knotting of pinkies has long represented a special promise.  So when we saw this creative photo idea, we couldn’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  It captures the pinky swear as the ultimate sign of commitment and also gives the couple a chance to show off their newly acquired bling.  We know we won’t forget this photo…pinky promise!


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