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Bridesmaid/Groomsman Schedule: Attendants are such an important part of a wedding.  They’re important not just because they’re our dear friends, but also because they’re supporting us on one of the biggest days of our lives.  They have a variety of jobs and duties over the course of the wedding weekend, and we love the idea of providing them an easy to follow timeline, telling them where to go, when to be there, and what to bring with them.  And while a word document would get the job done, we love this illustrated timeline.  Informative and eye-pleasing, a delightful combination!

Macaroon Cake: Macaroon’s have always been a classic French dessert, and over the past year, they’ve made a big splash among the wedding world.  We love how beautiful they look whether served singly on a plate or boxed in a tiny box.  But this inspiring cake takes macaroon love to the next level.  We love the whimsy of the ombre, and if we were wedding guests, we might just have to have one of each color!

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Go Gray: The majority of grooms tend to opt for black on the big day, but we love that more and more guys are embracing lighter options, including gray and khaki.  We particularly love the guys in this photo, as they opted for shades of gray, in their jackets and vests, polished off perfectly with a classic black tie.  We also love that the groom is standing out in a lighter shade and a lighter tie.  Classic with a bit of modern, always a win in our eyes!

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