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Cream Bridesmaid Dresses.  When we think of some of the oldest, most followed pieces of wedding advice, we can’t help but think of “Nobody but the bride wears white.”  And we totally get that advice; a girl’s wedding day is important and she deserves to have a color all to herself.  But once in a while, advice is meant to be ignored, and in this case, we love the outcome!  This bride chose to have her nearest and dearest dress in varying shades and shapes of cream, and the look is nothing short of sweet and spectacular.  (The boots don’t hurt either!)  And even though this bride chose to share her special color, she is still a radiant standout!

Photographer: Brian Aulick

Picnic Save the Date Session.  We love to see how couples’ personalities come out in their save the dates, and this shoot is the perfect example.  This couple manages to balance out all the right things, leaving guests with a warm reminder of the love they are about to see united.  From the plaid blanket to the suspended pom poms, we love the relaxed and playful vibe of this shoot.  And ok, let’s be honest, the leaves in the first photo are getting us pretty amped for fall weddings!

Wildflowers Photography

Chevron + Sparkles.  Sometimes we see a pin that makes us say, “Yes, yes, YES!”  This was one of those pins.  Chevrons and sparkles.  We’re not sure there is a more amazing combination.  Enough said.

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