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Braided Crown Tutorial.  We love the look of relaxed yet elegant updos, especially when paired with a magical and formal wedding down.  The juxtaposition is unique and keeps the bride’s overall look cool and relaxed.  We’ve blogged about braids before, so when we saw this DIY braided crown tutorial, we knew we had to share.  The instructions are simple and low-stress, both important qualities for the DIY bride.  So click, learn, and braid away!

Balloons + Golf Tees = Floating Balloons: When we saw this picture, we had to look twice; are these balloons floating?  Well…not really, but the effect is pretty amazing!  And the look is pretty easy to achieve!  Anchor balloon with eye hooks, tent stakes, or golf tees, and stand back to watch the magic.  This would look beautiful in so many settings, colors, and patterns; we’re in floating balloon love!

Feather Boutonnieres.  We spotted these feathered creations on a popular art blog, and to be honest, we’re not sure whether they’re darts, feather dusters, or conversation starters.  We were drawn to them, however, because we think they’d make the most rockin’ boutonnieres!  We can see them pinned against a grey suit or some funky suspenders, perfect for the groom and groomsmen who want a little spunk in their wedding day look!

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