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Wifey tee

For years, the likes of JCrew has been showing chic, high-end looks with simple and ultra comfortable graphic tees with fun sayings.  The idea come from the high-low concept of pairing more expensive pieces with affordable ones ( like tees!)  The scripty “wifey” shirt has been everywhere lately and comes in a variety of sweaters and tees in various colors and is perfect for a fashion conscious bride who wants to dress it up or wear around all weekend. The great part? That you can wear it well into your married days as a sweet homage to your new hubby. You can get yours at



Circular Ceremony Seating

The wedding ceremony is supposed to be the most important element of any wedding. It’s the time to gather your nearest and dearest as they witness your committing yourself to someone else. So being able to see and having a clever seating arrangement is key. And while many churches or venues may already have seating in place, outdoor weddings and many raw space venues allow you to be more creative with your guests. We think the idea of circular seating ensures that everyone has a fabulous view and literally surrounds the couple as they say their “I do’s.” It doesn’t get much more intimate than that!


circle seating

Bridesmaid Books

We already know how cool books can look as coffee table décor or perfectly arranged with frames and other objects on a bookshelf, so why not add some personal meaning to classic books that can create a timeless look for years to come? Having your bridesmaids pick a classic love story or literary classic and write you a handwritten note on the inside cover is one of the most thoughtful ideas we have ever heard of. As a maid of honor, gathering up the Bride’s favorites and scripting a heartfelt note is something she will have and remember forever. Pinterest Pins Of The Week


booksApples and Onions

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