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Bridesmaid Boxes.  Choosing your attendants is an exciting and important task.  Selecting the people who will stand with you on your wedding day is a big deal.  While many brides ask as they share their engagement news with friends and family, we love the idea of planfully asking your bridesmaids the-oh-so-important question. “Will you be my bridesmaid?” boxes are both simple and special.  And with easy DIY instructions, they’re achievable for even the most craft challenged bride!

Ditch the Jacket.  With spring weather at our fingertips, we’re thinking about outdoor weddings, and we can’t help but love groom’s decision to ditch the traditional jacket.  While a plain or patterned button up would also look great, we love his decision to don a cardigan and bowtie, both with great color.  Weddings are all about personality, and we love that this groom is showing off his!

First Kiss, without the First Look.  Couples everywhere are challenging the idea of not having contact the day of the wedding.  We’ve heard of couples doing just about everything under the sun, from sticking to the traditional not seeing each other, to the intimate first look pictures.  We’ve always been a bit torn between the two options, so we can’t help but swoon over this perfect combination of seeing each other, but not seeing each other.  It allows for fun pictures and a quick moment together, while still preserving the sense of magic that happens when the bride first starts down the aisle.  This blindfold might just be the way to go!


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