Plan a Fun Wedding

What do you want your wedding to be? Romantic? Classy? Elegant? Unique? Boring? Weddings can be a lot of things and unfortunately, fun isn’t always one of them. While you’ll surely be busy and overjoyed the entire day, plan ahead to make sure your guests aren’t overcome with boredom. Here are a few tips of ways to make your wedding fun for everyone:

1.      Strategic Seating: When mapping out the seating chart, for your reception, put some thought into groups or individuals who will really mesh well together. Arrange tables so that guests are either seated with people they already know and like or people you feel confident they will get along well with. Nothing can make or break a wedding reception more than being surrounded by the coolest or lamest people you’ve ever met.

2.      Party Plan: Your day might be packed with activities from dawn until dusk, but think about your guests. What are they going to be doing while you’re being photographed or making the rounds? When planning out the wedding day and scheduled activities, think about it not only from your perspective as bride but also from the perspective of a wedding guest. Make sure there’s food and drinks or scheduled entertainment available prior to dinner if the bridal party will be arriving late to the reception. Wedding Timeline Tips

3.      Exciting Entertainment: There are so many clever and fun ways to keep your wedding guests entertained during the reception. Consider booking a live band for the cocktail hour, renting a photo booth for pictures, or hiring a specialized entertainer that complements your wedding theme (think belly dancers, palm readers, singers, or magicians).

4.      Fun Foods: Nothing will make your wedding more forgettable than serving the same boring and bland meal your guests have eaten at a dozen weddings before. Plot out a unique and delectable meal that will wow guests. Unique food doesn’t have to equal expensive. You can serve fare from your favorite local restaurant, offer delicious comfort food like mac ‘n cheese and fried chicken, or present interesting dessert treats like a make-your-own-sundae bar or a fully equipped dessert buffet. Seasonal Wedding Menus

5.      Lively Locale: Choose a reception site that is fun, distinct, and entertaining. You don’t need to rent a boring old hall. Consider opting for a museum, aquarium, or local attraction to hold your festivities. That way guests can meander around during the reception and entertain themselves.

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