Post-Wedding Blues

The wedding is over, you’ve returned from the honeymoon, now what? A lot of brides experience something akin to postpartum depression after the wedding is behind them. There’s a reason the cliché “the honeymoon’s over” is so popular. You’ve spent a majority of your time over the past several months or year dedicated to little else besides planning and executing your dream wedding. Not to mention, you’ve probably spent much of your adolescent and adult life dreaming about the day. Now that it’s over, what are you supposed to do?

First, realize that what you’re feeling is normal. It’s extremely common for newlyweds to undergo a brief time of sadness, discontentment, or uncertainty. However, just because the wedding is a thing of the past, your life has not lost meaning! Sure, the wedding is over, but the marriage has just begun! You’re someone’s spouse and now have the great privilege of sharing your life with another person from this day forward. That’s certainly something to celebrate.

If you find yourself dealing with the post-wedding blues, find something new to fill the time that was once spent on planning your wedding. Focus on a home improvement project with your spouse in your new digs or take part in a new activity together. Join a club, take a class, or sign up for a community sports team. Once you begin living and enjoying your new life as husband and wife, you’ll discover that there’s no reason to be sad that the wedding is over.

If you’re hoping to revel in your wedding bliss for a little while longer, there are still plenty of wedding-related tasks you can attend to. Write your thank you notes and get them sent in a timely manner. Organize a wedding album or scrapbook for family or friends. Start using all the sweet new gadgets you received as wedding gifts!

And if all else fails, you can always start a family! Having a baby will certainly take your mind off the wedding plus it gives you another reason to throw a big party and have a shower where you stock up on gifts! JK…of course.

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