Radiant Orchid is the Color of 2014

Radiant Orchid is the color of the year! Now you may be asking, did the color wheel just get a whole lot more complicated and don’t you essentially just mean purple? Well….yes and no. Each year a company called Pantone chooses the “hue”, that they predict will be dominating the runways, event industry, and just about the entire universe. Pantone is the world’s leading authority on color and color systems like graphics and fashion and retail trend forecasting. They are also highly regarded in the world of event planning and designers everywhere wait for their call to dictate the entire next event season’s color scheme. Are you keeping up?


radiant orchid montage

So when did purple become radiant orchid? Well, about the time in 2008 blue became “ Blue iris.” And the trend kept growing from there naming the hot hues, “Mimosa” ( that’s the cool way to say yellow), “turquoise” ( there’s one we recognize),” Honeysuckle” ( it’s more of a mauvey pink to our surprise), “tangerine tango”( yes, orange), and of course last year’s big winner “Emerald.” Simple enough, right?

Experts are already forecasting that with the upcoming red carpet season we will be seeing plenty of the “radiant orchid.” It’s a cross between a gem tone purple and a more nature, deeper lavender. It’s an in between type of shade that allows more texture and nature element to shine through. So does that mean the deep purples and magentas of the past year will be history? Not necessarily, but don’t expect to see nearly as much of the true gem hues, but look for a softer , in essence ,harder to describe color.


Radiant-Orchid wedding

And as for wedding color? We know purple is a huge trend for many brides. As always we find the color to be one of great passion and for many they either absolutely love or despise it!  This hue however lends itself to some brides that may be curious to try that realm of color but don’t want “all in” on the purple parade. It’s the perfect compromise for brides that also want something soft and feminine but whose grooms have vetoed Pink.

Radiant Orchid. Get used to it. And next time you see the hot new color, you can recall its fancy name to boot! That makes you one super fashionable and on trend bride!

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