Recycle Wedding Items

You’ve spent a lot of money on your wedding, but how do you get the most out of the leftovers? We have some creative ways for you to feel like you haven’t wasted your time and money by recycling wedding items!

  1. Recycle your wedding dress. We know you’ve spent hours upon hours picking out just the right dress only to wear it for one day if that. Some brides change for the reception so their actual wedding dress only gets seen for a few hours or immortalized in pictures.  If you’re not too attached to it think about giving your dress away to charity. If you want to keep your dress you could make it into a child’s baptism gown or even be part of a special blanket.

2.  Recycle flowers. It’s a shame to see all those beautiful flowers you picked out just thrown away. You can let guests take whatever they want home at the end of the reception or even give them out as favors. You can ask your florist if local hospitals or nursing homes would like the flowers too. Another possibility is to contact the wedding couple after yours and see if they’d like to split the cost of the flowers so you can just leave them where they are in the venue.

3. Recycle invitations. This is an area of big waste since so many people throw away wedding invitations – hopefully they recycle them anyway. But to avoid extra waste you can purchase plantable invitations! They come with a few seeds so guests can plant them and have a beautiful reminder of your big day.

Photo by Recycledideas

4. Recycle food. There’s bound to be leftover food from the reception no matter how carefully you planned. Why not have the caterers box it up to give to guests to take home if the venue allows that, or donate to a shelter for people who need it?

5. Lastly, recycle favors. A lot of the small wedding gifts for your guests will end up left on the tables or floor. You can either forego using wedding favors altogether or gather them up and sell or give them away online.