Releasing Wedding Day Stress

It’s no secret. Wedding planning can be stressful. Maybe it’s because you also have a fulltime job to think about, maybe it’s because too many people are trying to give you advice, maybe everything just seems to be going wrong. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t seem fair that you should feel this stressed out over planning the happiest day of your life. So, take a deep breath and read below for some de-stressing tips.

1. Sleep

Even if you’re getting “enough” sleep at night, chances are your brain is still whirring and buzzing away with a million wedding details, stopping you from hitting that deep sleep you need to rejuvenate yourself. If possible, try to spend the last hour before bed on anything that’s not wedding related. Just take the time to wind down, so that your brain can relax too. Additionally, rediscover the joyful naps of your childhood, and take one or two power naps throughout your day. Even a few minutes should be a relief to your exhausted mind.

2. Get Moving

A good workout can be the ultimate release. Take a run, or even just a walk to get the blood pumping and the adrenaline flowing. Or maybe go swimming or get yourself into the gym. Even a good yoga session to stretch your muscles and breathe deeply, will feel great. Any activity you decide to get your muscles moving will help your brain release the much-needed chemicals that will help you relieve that stress and get you in a good mood.

3. Eat well

As tempting as it is to grab a large glass of wine and a pint of ice cream, it’s advisable to keep that habit to a minimum. Try to avoid high levels of caffeine, alcohol, and high sugar items. Keeping your body healthy will help you skip those food-related highs and lows, which will otherwise only exaggerate the physical effects of your mental and emotional stress.

4. Take a “me day”

Treat yourself with a candle-lit bubble bath, a chick flick with friends, a manicure or massage, or a trip to the mall for a retail therapy session! Make it a wedding-free day and focus on you, you, you. Get happy, and you’ll go into that wedding planning the next day with a much more positive attitude.

5. Spend time with your honey

Plan a date night with your fiancé so you can remember why the wedding planning is worth all this effort! Take the time to reconnect, comfort each other, talk about anything and everything, and generally just relax with each other. Maybe take a fun dancing class together to prepare for that first dance, or work together on the fun part of planning, a.k.a. your wedding registry.

6. Delegate

If you’re stressed from the sheer number of things you’re supposed to do, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Find tasks you can easily give to family, friends, or members of your wedding party, and then forget about those things. Lightening that to-do list will take a load of your shoulders.

Bottom Line

You have to be self-aware and realize the symptoms of stress. Once you do, there are unlimited options to relieving it so that you can stop panicking and start really looking forward to the big day. Ultimately, the two best things you can do are staying healthy and getting happy. How you do it is your choice. Happy planning!

Wedding Day Bliss – 5 Things You Need To Know

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