Set the Mood With Lighting

Lighting might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you start planning your wedding, but lighting can go a long way in creating a certain mood, atmosphere, or vibe at your wedding. Believe it or not, lighting can make or break the feel of your wedding and reception so be sure to give it some thought. If you have room in the wedding budget, you can actually hiring a lighting expert to design the lighting for the wedding and reception. Often, wedding planners or coordinators have a background in this so be sure to ask yours. Additionally, Music By Design offers multiple lighting options for your wedding.

If you opt to oversee the lighting arrangements yourselves, here are a few helpful tips to consider:

Candles: What’s more romantic and classic than candlelight? Whether used as centerpieces, in lanterns, or on candelabras strategically placed around the wedding site or reception hall, candles can create a cozy atmosphere and wonderful ambiance. Obviously, candles are tricky to deal with outdoors, especially if wind or bad weather may be a factor, so if you plan to have some portion of the ceremony or reception outdoors, make sure that candles are enclosed.

Twinkle Lights: A great way to create a magical atmosphere or fun-filled tone is to string up twinkle lights at your ceremony or reception site. Twinkle lights are also a very budget-friendly option, especially if you plan ahead and stock up during post-holiday sales. Use all-white lights to create a stunning, dreamy atmosphere or opt for colored strands to invoke a more playful, fun mood.

Paper Lanterns: Paper lanterns (or Chinese lanterns) are a great option for creating a lighting scheme for your wedding or reception. White paper lanterns can be found relatively inexpensively at home goods stores and offer a warm, diffused glow that’s stylish, chic, and fun. Colorful lanterns can add festiveness and excitement to a more eccentric or lively gathering.

Projectors: Displaying images or movement with a projector is a unique and clever way to spruce up your reception. Going for a winter wonderland? Create the effect of falling snow on the walls around the room. Hoping to add pizzazz? Project modern images or geometric shapes on the walls or dance floor.

Colored Lighting: By using color-tinted lanterns, candleholders, washes, or gels over spotlights, you can produce a moody atmosphere at your wedding or reception. Reds and ambers create a party mood among guests, while blues and purple hues suggest sophistication and class.

Accent Lighting: Lighting can be a great way to bring attention to certain parts of the room or décor, while hiding others. Dictate where your guests focus their interest by strategically placing lights. Shine lights up beautiful columns or down on the table’s centerpieces to draw attention, while leaving other, less attractive, areas of the room dim so that guests won’t pay them much notice.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of lights and lighting styles throughout your wedding and reception. Create a softer, more romantic mood during dinner, but liven things up later in the night on the dance floor. Lighting can be cost-effective or bank-breaking so discuss your options with a professional ahead of time and do your research!

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  1. Tom
    Tom says:

    I help run a wedding event venue in Birmingham AL. We have found that up lights are a must for most events. The LED ones last forever, do not pop circuit breakers and can take a beating. If you have a favorite moving light for dance floor I would appreciate a shout!


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