S**T Brides Say

A YouTube video called “S**T Brides Say” has gone viral. So far, the video has over 500,000 views.  The video good-heartedly pokes fun at the bizarre and amusing things brides say and do. Here are a few scenarios from the video that you are probably guilty of.

1)      Describing your wedding theme or style in confusing and contradicting terms. Sure, you know exactly what you mean when you say “vintage modern,” but people who are listening to you are probably wondering what exactly you’re talking about.

2)      Being insensitive to your bridesmaids and/or guests, a.k.a. being a Bridezilla. Sure, you just want your bridesmaids to look and feel beautiful on your big day, but suggesting they join a gym, get a make-over, etc. is not the best idea.

3)      Getting emotional when you find “the dress.” Of course, you are excited, but someone who doesn’t understand probably thinks you sound ridiculous.

4)      Overestimating your ability to DIY. Sometimes DIY wedding projects are a great way to save money and create unique wedding details, but brides-to-be are famous for taking on more projects than they can handle.

Wedding planning can be stressful, so take a moment to laugh. After you’d watch the video, we’d love to know which scenes reminded you of yourself.

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