Surviving the Wedding Walk

Maybe you love being surrounded by fellow brides-to-be who are just as chatty, bubbly, and giggly as you are. On the other hand, maybe crowds in general are overwhelming; especially ones made up of very excited women! Either way, a wedding walk can be a great way to get unique ideas and planning tips. Here are a few tips to breeze through any wedding walk.

Small town vs. Big City Walks

There’s a surprising difference between your local hometown wedding walk and that of one in your nearest big city. Your hometown walk will feature local businesses and will have a smaller audience of brides. You might find this scenario much more personal, though potentially less diverse. A big city wedding walk will cater to hundreds if not closer to a thousand or more brides and their friends and family. You’ll see a huge range of styles to get ideas from, but it will be harder to have a personal conversation with any of the vendors you meet.

Walk, or Hike?

This is a practical tip: be conscious of your footwear choice for the wedding walk. Many of these events will include walking from store to store, venue venue, meeting a number of different vendors. If the walk you’re attending is in this style, wear comfortable shoes that you can easily walk in for a few hours. Heels or sandals may be tempting, but your feet will certainly suffer.

Take Notes

You’re going to meet a lot of people, offering you all kinds of ideas, products, services, and deals. Even though you’ll receive various business cards, packets, and flyers from each, it’s going to be easy to forget which ones you liked or want to meet with again. Keep a notebook and pen on you, or assign that task to your maid of honor, mom, or whoever is attending with you. Jot down names and ideas you want to further look into. It might also be a good idea to print labels with all your contact information.


On many wedding walks, even if the vendor you’re meeting isn’t in the food or beverage business, they’re probably going to provide snacks to keep you sustained on your walk. However, it’s probably a good idea to eat lightly beforehand or have a few snacks on you anyway. Why? Because it’s a lot of walking, and those snacks may not tide you over. Plus, chances are, many of those snacks are going to be quite sugary, and you don’t want to find yourself crashing after a big sugar high.

Take a Camera

Feel free to snap away to record ideas for decorations, flowers, dresses, cakes, and more. Make sure you jot down a note so that you remember which photo went with which vendor.

Above all, enjoy yourself. Wedding walks can be fun and exciting occasions that will give you plenty of ideas for your own wedding. Have fun!

Here is a list of very popular walks that provide an intimate setting with reputable vendors.

Hinsdale Wedding Walk hosted by The Hinsdale Wedding Resource


Geneva Wedding Walk hosted by Geneva Bride












Downers Grove Wedding Walk sponsored by DG Bride

DG BRIDE WEDDING WALK from Chicago Cinematic Weddings on Vimeo.

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