Sweet sign of Spring

Spring has sprung!  And whether it’s Easter, impending wedding season or just a celebratory mood that this time of year finds us in (having survived yet another Chicago winter) we have sweets on the mind!


We’re always on the look out for new and exciting desserts and alternative wedding cakes and while we have touched on some of those new trends, we are in awe of an up and coming idea that has us literally salivating and running for Fannie May. That’s right, artisan chocolates are all the rage and we can’t think of a fancier occasion than a wedding to bust out the finest chocolates around for you and your sweetie (and guests, of course!)


Not to be confused with candy bars (a la the super chic Amy Atlas), artisan chocolates can be individually served on trays after dinner or placed on the reception tables with small signage designating each flavor. What’s more, they can even be perfectly paired with a wine or after dinner cordial to make their intense flavor even more delectable. Here’s where things can get extra creative; like pairing a dark chocolate orange peel with a simple splash of Grand Marnier or a Bailey’s Irish cream with an espresso bean truffle-this need trend takes a deeper look into the likes of foodies and their guests on the most important day of their lives.


Here in Chicago, we turned to Katherine Anne Confections in Logan Square and her inventive flavors and concepts for further inspiration. Brides have long been using her services for gift bags and welcome treats and now are following this new trend all the way to lavish trays of passed chocolates and towering displays of what else, CHOCOLATES! The confectioner is even holding special classes in March where students can create their own truffle flavors and leave with bags full of goodies.  All we can say is: sign us up!

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