bridal market 2015

Bridal Market 2015

That’s a Wrap…Bridal Market 2015


This season’s bridal market closed on a sad note, with the passing of legendary designer and runway staple, Oscar de la Renta just a few weeks after the last wedding dress made its runway debut. Mr. De la Renta’s trademark and perhaps most memorable work is that which accentuated the female figure. Known as a designer who creates with the woman in mind, his overall aesthetic of glamour, femininity, and classic beauty is one that will live on for years and in the highly coveted pieces he made for first ladies and red carpet starlets, alike. No stranger to the bridal market, he created some of the most photographed and memorable gowns for Vogue editors, Hillary Clinton’s mother-of-the bride dress, and our recently featured celeb video featuring Kate Bosworth and her dream date with the designer, creating her stunning wedding gown. The list goes on and on, and while we look forward at this season’s most enviable looks, we pay homage to one of the ultimate giants of the industry.
This Bridal Market was all about dream-like creations from the ethereal to the modern- princess. Light, wispy fabric with texture and movement, intricate laser cut details, and light yet still ornate beading that can only be done by hand. Some of these gowns are so special, we think an entire wedding could be planned around them. Here are a look at a few of our favorites.

Marchesa: Showing all of us that indeed, the long sleeve trend is no longer just that. The new intricate lace details and silhouette lace neckline add even more allure to the once traditional look. The delicate tulle skirt makes this look the new tradition for the modern fashion bride.


Badgley Mischka: Opulent, ornate detailing and surprise cutouts like the back of this dress ruled the runway. The pops of gold jeweling brought in a new, richer hue for the season ahead, somewhat mimicing the trend of opulent, regal that was worn by Jessica Simpson at her wedding when she wore custom Carolina Herrera. The look is perfect for Fall and Winter brides looking to channel a warmer, and certainly Royal Wedding look.

Reem Acra: With the delicate bodices made of the finest, thinnest materials, Reem Acra had sweet and natural elements on her mind when designing this collection. That’s why it should come as no surprise that she showed floral head pieces and darling crowns of foliage casting a “Midsummer Night’s Dream” vibe on the whole show. We look forward to seeing plenty of Spring brides incorporating florals into their hair looks as well.

Another stunning showing of the finest bridal wear on Earth. We can’t wait to see how so man of these looks are interpreted for real life Brides on their biggest day. For now, we love the new trends and can’t wait for even more. As always, stay glued to the blog for the best of the rest…

10 cant live without wedding blogs

Best Wedding Blogs

10 Can’t Live Without Wedding Blogs…Best Wedding Blogs
While planning your wedding, it’s always nice to have some inspiration when it comes to giving you ideas, drooling over gowns, or fun DIY projects. We’ve done the dirty work for you and sifted through hundreds, if not thousands of wedding blogs and Websites for the crème de la crème.
We chose the following fabulous wedding sites brimming with inspirations, pictures, and drool-worthy pretties to make your head swirl with ideas.
1) Martha Stewart Weddings
The queen of crafts is back at it and adding her flair to weddings. We can’t get enough of her personalized touches and crafty goodness.
2) Style Me Pretty
Want to drool over beautiful wedding photograph after another? Well, you’re in luck. SMP is the source for all things pretty. Not only do they pack the punch for pictures, but they also have a great resource guide to contact and utilize vendors that are featured in real weddings in your area! Isn’t that just the best idea ever?

3) Wedding Chicks
Wedding chicks is a one-stop shop for the bride in a hurry. From DIY printables to real wedding features to deals on vendors and services, this site is simply perfect for all brides and their planning process.
4) Recycled Bride
Are you looking for ways to turn one bride’s “junk” into your wedding day treasure? Well, the Recycled Bride does just that. They have classifieds, ideas, tips and tricks on how to effectively use someone else’s goods. They claim they have the largest wedding marketplace containing décor, wedding dresses, wedding accessories, and much, much more!
The BRIDES site is the online form of the print magazine. They cover absolutely everything you can imagine from registry assistance to honeymoon help to message boards encouraging other frantic brides that they are not alone in this wedding planning chaos.
6) The Knot
The Knot is the internet’s most-trafficked one-stop wedding planning solution. They offer a fresh voice and real-world sensibility alternative to the white-gloved, outdated advice of the available etiquette experts, The Knot has quickly become America’s leading wedding brand reaching out to millions of engaged couples each year through our award-winning website, books, magazines, and broadcast offerings.

7) Project Wedding
Indeed your wedding is a project. And with the right resources like Project Wedding, life can be a little more manageable. From DIY ideas to forums to travel tips and alternatives for the finicky bride, project wedding is a breath of fresh air.
8) Wedding Bee
The Wedding Bee is basically run by brides-to-be. You can apply to blog about your day-to-day planning, crafts, and other planning tips and tricks. It’s a perfect place for “misery is company” to find other brides dealing with similar situations or selling their goods from their own wedding.
9) Offbeat Bride
The Offbeat bride offers an alternative to traditional brides. From crazy wedding reception concepts to food to attire- anything is fair game here.

10) Budget Savvy Bride
So you’re on a budget, we’ll most couples are trying to stay within a budget for your big day, but the Budget Savvy Bride takes it to the next level of savings. Check it out to save yourself some cold hard cash.

fancy favors

Fancy Favors

Fancy Favors to Suit your Fancy? Let’s take a look back at the history of wedding favors and some modern thoughts on the tradition.

A wedding was considered a lucky occasion way back when. Although specific customs vary according to culture and time period, wedding favors have been around for centuries as a way for the bride and groom to thank their guests for attending the ceremony. Some couples still opt for a traditional “thank you” to their guest, while others find it not necessary.

One of the earliest accounts of a wedding favor dates back to 16th century England. It was common for couples to give love knots constructed from lace and ribbon to each of their guests as a favor and to represent their bond of love. Throughout history, favors have evolved into a tradition that can be seen around the world.

Centuries ago, European aristocrats, most notably those in France and Italy, would send their wedding guests home with a small gift called a bonbonniere, or as it’s called in Italian, a bomboniere. A bonbonniere was actually a box made of porcelain, crystal, precious stones or metal. Inside one would find delicacies made of sugar. It was from these boxed and gift wrapped confections that today’s wedding favors are derived.

By passing bonbonnieres and other treats onto wedding guests, the couple felt they were also bestowing their good luck upon their guests. In most cases, these lucky gifts consisted of five almonds or pieces of candy that represented fertility, health, wealth, happiness and longevity.

Bonbonnieres evolved as confectioners began making candied almonds by dipping them in sugar or some other sweet coating. This tradition is kept alive today with the brightly colored Jordan almonds given out at many of these joyous occasions. In fact, if you count, you may find of these tulle wrapped treats – still represent the five wedding wishes.

While Jordan almonds and bonbonnieres are still a thriving tradition, favors come in all shapes, sizes, flavors, and personality. Here are some of our favorite options:

Romantic / Tuscan Inspired Wedding

Rustic / Country Inspired Wedding

Regional Finds / Treats

gothic wedding

Gothic Wedding

Ever consider a Gothic Wedding?

It might be the time of year but there’s something fascinating about a bride who is daring enough to use Gothic themes in her wedding. It’s not traditional, it might scare some of your guests but it they’re dare devils like you then they should get into the theme. What better time of year than October to do blood red elegance?
Our favorite main piece is probably the thousands of Gothic wedding dresses you can pick from. They can be as expensive as “traditional” dresses but we’ve found some deals where they seem slightly less pricey. They can be simple to ornate for example this stunning red A-line.

Other styles can be darker for your more Victorian rocker side.

The possibilities of a Gothic themed wedding are spectacular. You have permission to use dark colors that most people would think are too dramatic. There really isn’t anything too dramatic or “wrong” in this theme. We love brides who think outside the box! Your Gothic wedding doesn’t have to death and skeletons like most people associate with the word. Gothic can simply refer to “romanticism” and you can wear white, like this stunning gown.

Whatever colors you choose it’s all about the romance and elegance even with a Gothic theme. But, feel free to go wild with black roses, cloaks, crimson accents and all the wonderful darkness that’s out there to play with!

Pins of the Week

Pins of the Week… Here’s a round up of some of our favorite finds on Pinterest!

pins of the week

Baby Faces: So we’ve seen how adorable table numbers with childhood photos are, but what about extending the child-like theme throughout the wedding? When we saw this lovable pin, we couldn’t help but become overjoyed with nostalgia and think of all the creative ways to use kiddie photos. The face masks are genius and can also double as fans with wedding programs printed on the back for guests to use and keep forever, of course. It also opens up the idea for loads of fun if you are using a photobooth are your reception. Either way, the idea is both fun, functional, and a unique touch that guests will be smiling about for a long time!

pins of the week

Mini Champagne: The mini craze is still on! But this time, we are seeing new takes on miniature snacks and favors for weddings. Using mini bottles as escort cards on a beautifully decorates table and serving fun-sized cans like Sofia champagne with pink straws during cocktail hour is a festive way to put everyone in a great mood. People tend to overlook using gorgeous food and drink as decor, but it is not only functional but completely chic as well! If you are serving a beautiful bottle of win or champagne, why not let that be the centerpiece? Don’t be afraid to draw attention to those special details, especially if you have hand selected drinks for your big day.

pins of the week

Sleeves: It feels as though this week’s pins have a common thread. So many trends that have so much staying power. Sleeves on wedding gowns is one look we have talked about A LOT in the last year, especially since the Royal Wedding where Kate Middleton blew everyone away in delicate lace sleeves in her custom Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown. But the new take on sleeves is so stunning, we just had to share. We love seeing a more sultry and modern element to a very traditional look. Cue Kim Karadashian’s recent Givenchy wedding dress that matched high-fashion, a sexy silhouette and an incredibly timeless and romantic Italian lace look. We can’t wait for the weather to cool down and see more brides embrace lace and the long sleeve gown!


2014 Wedding Trends

2014 Wedding Trends

2014 Wedding Trends

It’s such an exciting time, with this New Year teeming with love and excitement from happy couples who are getting engaged.  After the big question, wedding planning gets right underway!  Whether the day is near or far away, the planning starts to take shape right away as the imagination and dreams run wild into the realm of fantasy. When you really want to get creative there is no better way than taking a look at some 2014 Wedding Trends!

Two of the most important fashion choices for the blushing bride on her wedding day will be the bridal party dresses and the wedding dress. Some things to consider when choosing your styles include shades and tones that reflect the personality of you and your fiance. To get started, get an idea of how colors are symbolically expressed; for example, how purple can indicate friendliness and social networking, making you a compassionate and friendly soul.

Next, what type of dress will best fit your body? Short wedding dresses are going to be big this year, as well as layered mermaid-style gowns and lace sleeves. For all the hints, trends, styles, and colors, check out SimplyBridal’s infographic, Wedding Trends 2014.

2014 Wedding Trends

Radiant Orchid is the Color of 2014

Radiant Orchid is the color of the year! Now you may be asking, did the color wheel just get a whole lot more complicated and don’t you essentially just mean purple? Well….yes and no. Each year a company called Pantone chooses the “hue”, that they predict will be dominating the runways, event industry, and just about the entire universe. Pantone is the world’s leading authority on color and color systems like graphics and fashion and retail trend forecasting. They are also highly regarded in the world of event planning and designers everywhere wait for their call to dictate the entire next event season’s color scheme. Are you keeping up?


radiant orchid montage

So when did purple become radiant orchid? Well, about the time in 2008 blue became “ Blue iris.” And the trend kept growing from there naming the hot hues, “Mimosa” ( that’s the cool way to say yellow), “turquoise” ( there’s one we recognize),” Honeysuckle” ( it’s more of a mauvey pink to our surprise), “tangerine tango”( yes, orange), and of course last year’s big winner “Emerald.” Simple enough, right?

Experts are already forecasting that with the upcoming red carpet season we will be seeing plenty of the “radiant orchid.” It’s a cross between a gem tone purple and a more nature, deeper lavender. It’s an in between type of shade that allows more texture and nature element to shine through. So does that mean the deep purples and magentas of the past year will be history? Not necessarily, but don’t expect to see nearly as much of the true gem hues, but look for a softer , in essence ,harder to describe color.


Radiant-Orchid wedding

And as for wedding color? We know purple is a huge trend for many brides. As always we find the color to be one of great passion and for many they either absolutely love or despise it!  This hue however lends itself to some brides that may be curious to try that realm of color but don’t want “all in” on the purple parade. It’s the perfect compromise for brides that also want something soft and feminine but whose grooms have vetoed Pink.

Radiant Orchid. Get used to it. And next time you see the hot new color, you can recall its fancy name to boot! That makes you one super fashionable and on trend bride!