Kids At Your Wedding Reception

Kids At Your Wedding Reception

Do you want kids at your wedding reception? Here are some questions to ask. Will my friends with kids be offended that their minis weren’t invited? Will tots steal the thunder from me and my partner? What about relatives, such as nieces and nephews—can I include just them? Do I have to provide childcare if kids are invited (or, for out of town guests, if they aren’t)? Can I invite kids for just a portion of my event, and then ask them to leave early (so I don’t have to worry about kids’ meals, etc.)? How do I keep children entertained at my wedding?

This infographic provided by Zola will help you make a solid decision.

Kids At Your Wedding Reception


Fun Reception, Guaranteed

Sure, you want a wedding that’s breathtaking and memorable, but don’t you also want it to be a fun party? Ensure a fun-filled night at your wedding reception, for both you and your guests, by following one (or all) of these tips:

Change into something more comfortable with a reception-specific gown that’s comfy and chic. (This can apply to the gents too; let your groom trade in his tux for something more casual to dance the night away.)

Create an upbeat playlist with strut-worthy hits guaranteed to keep your dance floor packed.

Ditch traditional wedding fare and opt for a fun, eclectic, or unique meal instead that will please palates and impress guests.

Take a dance class (or ten!) and plan to wow watchers of your first dance with a choreographed number.

Food stations or food trucks are a great way to surprise guests with interesting and fun fare that will make your event memorable and keep revelers fueled late into the night.

Give some thought to your seating arrangement by pairing up people who are old buddies or never-met guests who are sure to be fast friends.

Ensure hilarity and poignancy by carefully selecting the ladies and gents who will be offering up the wedding night toasts and giving them guidelines.

Offer activities and entertainment for pint-sized attendees by providing kids with personalized gift bags loaded with age-appropriate goodies or offering a separate kids station where tykes can watch movies, color, or play games.

Give guests plenty of places to hang out by setting up unique seating areas at your reception site, such as an intimate lounge for chatting or patio seating for getting fresh air.

Rent a photo booth, loaded with props and backdrops, that’s ideal for capturing candid snapshots of your wedding guests. As an added bonus, photo strips make a great favor for party-goers to remember your big night.

Surprise guests with some sort of special presentation, whether it’s a late-night fireworks display or a performance by belly dancers.

Hand out fun favors that can be used immediately, such as wacky props, silly string, glow sticks, or confetti launchers.