Alternative Centerpiece Ideas

When most people think of reception centerpieces, they think of flowers. But there are plenty of fun centerpiece ideas that don’t involve flowers. Here are just a few to get you inspired.

Old Bird Cages – These are perfect for a vintage wedding.

Lanterns – Candle light is a great way to set romantic mood.

Seashells – This is perfect for a beach or summer wedding.

Ornaments – This is perfect for a winter wedding. Filling a glass vase with ornaments is a festive and inexpensive décor idea.

Fruit and/or Vegetables – Since produce comes in a variety of colors, it is easy to find options that coordinate with your wedding flowers and theme.

Gourds – This is perfect for a fall wedding.

Wine bottles – This is classic and sophisticated. It would be perfect a wedding at a winery.

Candy – You can make a boutique out of lollipops or fill cute dishes with bit size candy.

Potted herbs – After the wedding, you can send home the herbs with your guests.

Cakes or Cupcakes – Individual desserts as a centerpiece are a great way to save money on centerpieces and your cake. These desserts are typically cheaper than wedding cakes.

When choosing an alternative centerpiece idea, always remember to consider your theme, style and budget. Don’t feel obligated to use classic centerpieces if you want something more unique. There are plenty of fun centerpiece ideas; you  just have to let yourself be creative.