Autumn Wedding Attire

It’s that time of year again – the autumn wedding! We’re taking a look at what attire to wear to this seasonal event.

For the daytime autumn wedding, we like a cocktail type dress with darker tones. A daytime wedding usually isn’t as formal as an evening one, but you should still make an effort to appear polished. Jewel tones like burgundy, emerald, sapphire mixed with elegant black are always a classic for autumn. You could even re-use a dress in your closet and spice it up with a new pair of heels or cute jacket.

For a later afternoon or evening autumn wedding we suggest simple and elegant. We love a splashy pair of earrings to make a statement or bold necklace. We like looking for dresses than can be dressed up or down. Some people are confused at a later afternoon wedding if they should be more black tie or daytime attire.  You can stash a fun jacket and bold earrings in your purse for the evening reception. Think of it like dating – a day to night outfit change without having to completely switch clothes!

Lastly, we’ve got the festive autumn wedding attire. If your going to a wedding that’s themed and the bride and groom have okayed wacky outfits like costumes, then this is your chance to play! We’ve heard of Halloween themed weddings and as long as your costume is tasteful we love the idea. Even if you don’t want to wear a full on costume, there are plenty of ways to dress up for the occasion. Try a gothic type dress, black lace or high boots!


pins of the week

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Glassware + Greenery: As soon as we saw this table, we knew we’d be seeing it at an upcoming celebration.  It’s just too pretty not to recreate!  The simple yet stunning vibe of this tablescape can be attributed to two major pieces, glassware and greenery.  If you look at photo, there isn’t much else there.  A combination of vases and different shaped glasses mixed with moss and mismatched ferns create a nice balance at a likely elegant event. And don’t even get us started on the cloches; they are gorgeous!  Even if this doesn’t fit for your wedding day, we could see this as a gorgeous holiday table, easy to recreate in almost any location or climate.  Who knew a stunning table was as easy as glass and greenery?


Dia de Muertos Inspired Invite: With October drawing to a close, we are gearing up for several fun and festive celebrations, including Dia de Muertos, the famous and much celebrated Mexican holiday that remembers friends and family who have died.  We pinned this Dia de Muertos inspired invitation, loving its boldness and quirk, as well as its nod to an important cultural event.  It may not be everyone’s cup of wedding tea, but we love to see couples take risks and make their day uniquely theirs!


Perfect Fall Bouquet: When we’re searching for wedding bouquet inspiration on Pinterest, we often come across stunning bouquets.  Many are full of bright pops of color and bold florals, perfect the bride wanting to pack a floral punch.  We often also see some gorgeous neutral bouquets, made up of white and cream florals with touches of greenery.  However, it’s often hard to find bouquets that fall between the two, keeping a neutral base with just the right amount of spark and spunk.  So when we pinned this bouquet, we noted how wonderfully it seems to balance a neutral palette with a splash of personality.  We love the mix of texture, depth, and color, making this a delightful choice for a fall bouquet.



Autumn Weddings

Autumn Weddings Infographic by SimplyBridal

Autumn Weddings
Spring and summer are the most popular seasons for weddings. The weather warms up, flowers are in full bloom, and many people take holiday around this time; can you blame couples for selecting this time of the year? Venues and services are generally both a bit pricier during the peak season. If you’d rather opt for another season, autumn has its perks as well. The weather is a bit cooler and the leaves change colors to different shades of yellow, orange, red, and brown. Depending on your location the peak foliage times are a little different. Check out SimplyBridal’s newest infographic to help you determine if you should have a September, October, or November wedding.

Autumn Weddings

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Burlap Monogram Runner.  Burlap has been popping up everywhere lately, and we are loving it.  We’re feeling an upcoming post about all things burlap.  But until then, check out this awesome ceremony runner, combining two of our favorite things, burlap and monograms!  The color and texture of the burlap keeps the runner from feeling too fussy, while the trim allows for the right amount of customization.  This would be great for either an indoor and outdoor ceremony, and we think fall is the perfect season for this runner’s debut!

Katherine Guidry Photography

Bright Florals + Pumpkin. Fall is finally here, which means we are on the lookout for great ways to incorporate fall’s most festive decoration…pumpkins!  And while pumpkins are beautiful in their natural orange color, we love the mix of this white painted pumpkin with the bright florals.  If you want to incorporate seasonal favorites without feeling too pinned down to a color scheme, consider paint as a great way to transform a seasonal favorite!

Photography by Robert Caruso

Crate Cakestand.  So if you can’t tell already, we’re thrilled that fall is here.  And this crate cakestand is another example of just how magical fall is; it somehow manages to make everything old and withered extra special!  These crates take the cake to a whole new level, making it a true focal point.  We could imagine a similar set up with bales of hay or vintage suitcases, all great ways to make a cake sing.

Photography by Elizabeth In Love

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Gown + Tux.  When it comes to fashion, we love the classic look of a black blazer.  Pair it with jeans, pencil skirts, or dresses; it’s hard to go wrong.  However, as much as we love blazers, we have to admit, we don’t think we’ve ever seen the classic closet staple with a wedding dress.  But, after this pin, we are over the moon for the gown and tux pairing.  Everything about this look works!  And while the black/white combo might not be for everyone, we’re know there are some Chicago brides that could definitely pull off this pairing.

Dean Alexander Photography

Corn Husk Topper.  We’re not shy about our love for cakes or cake toppers, and this pin is so simple and elegant it takes our breath away.  A simple white cake with a cake topper straight from nature.  Now that fall is here, the leaves are changing, and the temperatures are cooling, we think that now the perfect time to debut this cake.  Simply stunning.

Jose Villa Photography

Aisle Markers.  We’ve seen couples decorate ceremony spaces using all sorts of special touches, and aisle markers are one of the most common features of the ceremony space.  Typically aisles are marked with some sort of embellishment on the end chairs, but this pin takes a different approach, marking aisles with floor florals.  The unique placement acts as both row markers as well as an aisle runner, and we love the pop of color sprinkled down the aisle.  The marigold color of these florals is also perfect for fall!

Kristi Wright Photography