Kid-Pleasing Weddings

If you’re planning to include pint-sized guests at your wedding reception, it doesn’t have to be stressful. Follow these easy tips to keep kids (and their parents) happy the whole night through:

Seat them: Carefully consider families with children when creating your reception seating chart. Older kids might enjoy a special table strictly for them, while families with younger children may appreciate being seated near the exit or restrooms. Group families with kids together so parents can mingle while the kids interact, but be sure that families don’t feel ostracized from the evening’s affairs strictly because they’ve got younger attendees.

Feed them: Offer a kid-friendly alternative to your wedding meal. Not only will these please parents and tykes alike, it’ll be a godsend to your catering budget. Kid-friendly fare, such as chicken fingers, hot dogs, or grilled cheese, is considerably cheaper than the filet or seafood you’ll be serving to guests, and it’s guaranteed to be gobbled up by the kiddos in attendance.

Entertain them: Provide a fun distraction for kids during the reception by offering up age-appropriate entertainment and games. Put together goodie bags for youngsters, stocked with crayons/markers, coloring books, mini chalkboards, craft sets, bead kits, or other fun games/toys. Load up on goods that kids will love at your local dollar store.

Supervise them: To eliminate the stress altogether of having kids in the reception hall, offer babysitting services. If your reception site allows it, set up a kid-friendly room stocked with movies, video games, or toys and hire a few young adults to supervise the children while their parents enjoy a night to themselves.