All About Wedding Toast Etiquette

Every wedding, and some of the related events, features people honored with the privilege of giving a speech. Most guests enjoy hearing the humorous stories and joyful blessings offered by the speakers, but poor planning can result in boring or embarrassing speeches that ruin the evening. Here is everything you need to consider when choosing people to give a wedding toast.

Who will you ask?

The first decision you must make is who will speak at your wedding. Traditionally, the best man and maid of honor, and perhaps the father of the bride and groom, give speeches at the reception or other wedding events. However, you may also consider asking another close relative or friend to speak. In addition, some people may ask you if they can say a few words. Do not feel obligated to respond with a yes. You only want people who are very important to you and who will give an appropriate toast to speak at your wedding.

What will they say?

While your speakers don’t have to let you read their wedding toast, you can ask for a general idea of what they plan on saying. If there are specific stories or topics you don’t want the speakers to mention, make sure you tell them ahead of time. Surprisingly, some people think it appropriate to share embarrassing stories. If you don’t want to be the blushing bride, give your speakers some guidelines ahead of time.

When will they give the toast?

You will need to create a schedule to share with your DJ and event planner. Typically, speeches occur before, after, or during dinner. Keep the guests in mind when creating this schedule. Also, consider which speakers may be better suited for events other than the reception, such as the rehearsal dinner or morning-after brunch.