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Four Unique Ways To Propose To Your Bridal Party

Four Unique Ways To Propose To Your Bridal Party

Pinterest has become a hub of DIY and wedding planning. Because of this, ways to propose to your bridal party have become more creative. If you want some unique ways to ask your bridesmaids & groomsmen without breaking the bank, we’ve got you covered! Here are four unique ways to ask your bridal party to be in your wedding.

Option #1- A handwritten note on the back of a meaningful photo of you together.

It’s always nice to receive handwritten notes. Friends love reminiscing on memories by looking at old photos. When you combine those two ideas together it makes for a special keepsake. If you want to go the extra mile, purchase a clear plastic or glass frame so your friend can always see the front and back of the photo and note.

Option #2- A custom sticker put on a mini bottle of champagne or the bridal party’s drink of choice.

This is a yummy and easy option. Purchase printable stickers from any office supply store. You can design on your computer using the brand of choice app, and TADA, you have a fancy & fun bridal party proposal! If your bridal party isn’t the alcohol type, that’s fine! How about a specialty coffee drink?! Decide which drink is your bridal party’s favorite and choose that option.

Option #3- A T-Shirt Or Custom Apparel

When you are getting married there are many fun outings with your bridal party. Who doesn’t love cute or comical bridal party coordinated apparel? You could go simple with bridesmaids bride tribe shirts such as these cute ones from Liz & Kate boutique in Geneva, IL. Or some fun ones for the guys like these groom squad shirts. If you wanted to go a bit simpler, bridesmaid and groomsmen hats are easy to find at many local brick & mortar shops.

Option #4- Give them a box of their favorite sweet treat with a note on the inside of the box asking them to be in your bridal party.

This one is an easy DIY if you like baking. If not, there are many local bakeries or candy shops that make it easy to fill up a box with their favorite things. Who doesn’t like getting candy and cookies?! You can find bakery boxes at any local craft store. Check out some of your local bakeries may even help you out and box it for you.

Best Man Infographic

Best Man Infographic

The best man’s role is a really pivotal part of a wedding and should be taken seriously. The Groom-to-be has chosen you to be a part of one of the most memorable days of his life probably because you have gone through so much together and he wants you there beside him to share his happiness.

As the best man, it is your job to organize a top class bachelor party to give your friend a fun send off with his wider circle of friends and it is also your job on the wedding day to look after the wedding rings for the marriage ceremony, take care of any wedding gifts and of course not forgetting your best man speech! Preparation for this should be done in advance which will help get rid of nerves. Ensure to make it memorable for the right reasons so add in special anecdotes you have of your friendship and of the couple’s romance! Be sure to keep it relevant, timely and most important of all, keep it clean so everyone can enjoy without fear of any cringe moments!

This Best Man Infographic from Loyes Diamonds in Ireland highlights the role of the best man at the wedding and presents some interesting facts and tips for you to enjoy!

Best Man Infographic

Resolutions to Common Wedding Woes

Planning a wedding can be the most magical time in your life, but it can also create the greatest conflicts. It’s common to face disagreements and disappointments during the process. Here are a few helpful resolutions for some of the most common wedding arguments:

Problem: He doesn’t care about the wedding details.

Resolution: Task your man with specific tasks related to the wedding that might be of interest to him. To get your groom involved, ask him to plan the honeymoon, help with a reception playlist, or sample food from the caterer. By delineating specific responsibilities, he’s less likely to feel overwhelmed and more likely to start helping.

Problem: You hate each other’s attendants.

Resolution: You may not agree with your fiance’s choice of best man, or he might go crazy at the thought of spending so much time with your maid of honor, but the important thing is to be supportive and understanding of each other’s decision. The wedding is a huge moment in both of your lives and it’s imperative that you surround yourself with the people that mean the most to you as individuals. If serious issues arise, talk to your partner about your concerns so they can be addressed before the wedding day.

Problem: He thinks you’re being a wedding-obsessed bridezilla.

Resolution: The truth of the matter is, if he’s accusing you of bridezilla behavior, you might just be guilty. Set aside time for the two of you where the wedding is off-limits. No conversations, no magazines, no color swatches. Make time to be together and enjoy one another’s company without the stress of the wedding hanging over your heads.

Problem: His guest list is too long and/or includes people you don’t care for.

Resolution: If the guest list is too long and you’re concerned about finances, have an honest conversation. Work together on trimming guests for both of your lists, or set a specific number of guests that you’re each allowed to invite, taking into consideration the size of your families. If there are people on the list that you wish not to be included, offer an explanation, but make sure your reasons are valid. Don’t be persuaded by old grudges or petty jealousies by the presence of an old flame or former friend.

Problem: He doesn’t agree with how the money is being spent.

Resolution: Have a budget meeting. Sit down and discuss the various expenditures associated with the wedding and how you both feel the finances would best be divided. If he wants more cash in the honeymoon fund and you’re holding out for a designer dress, figure out other areas to compromise and cut costs so you can both be happy with the outcome.

Ten Ways to Involve Loved Ones In Your Wedding

Your wedding day is a great opportunity to celebrate and honor the men and women who mean so much to you in life. Here are ten ways to involve family, friends, and coworkers of all ages in your wedding festivities…



  1. An obvious way to involve those closest to you is by asking them to participate in your bridal party as a bridesmaid or groomsmen, with the highest honors going to the maid/matron of honor and best man.
  2. If your bridal party is getting too large, but you’d still like a dear pal to be involved, invite him or her to be an honorary bridesmaid or groomsmen, or, if he or she is between the ages of 9 and 16, a junior bridesmaid or groomsmen.
  3. Bring together the pint-sized people most special to you by inviting them to serve as ring bearers or flower girls during the ceremony.
  4. Grab a few gal or guy pals and ask them to serve as guestbook attendants, greeting guests as they arrive at the wedding or reception and ensuring that they sign the guestbook.
  5. During the wedding ceremony, select a few friends or loved ones to perform a reading of a favorite scripture, poem, or quote.
  6. Musically gifted friends can add a personal touch to your wedding day by singing or playing an instrument during the ceremony or at the reception.
  7. Choose a few upbeat friends to dole out programs to guests as they arrive at the wedding.
  8. If you’re hosting a Christian ceremony, ask a few children between the ages of 10 and 13 to light candles on the altar before the nuptials begin.
  9. Men who aren’t serving as groomsmen can fill in as ushers, welcoming guests and escorting them to their seats.
  10. Personalize your wedding ceremony even more by asking a close friend or relative to officiate the nuptials.

5 Tips for Planning a Bachelor Party

As the best man or groomsmen, you have a huge responsibility: planning the bachelor party. The bachelor party is considered the last night of freedom because it is traditionally held the night before the wedding. However, today, the bachelor party is more about celebrating your relationship with groom and the adventure he is about to take. Here are a few tips for planning one of the most exciting nights (or days) of the groom’s life.

Be Picky About the Date

Traditionally, the bachelor party was the night before the wedding, but this is less common today. While it is okay to do a little celebrating before the big day, you don’t everyone to be tired and hung over the day of the wedding. You also have to consider the dates of other wedding events such the shower and rehearsal dinner. Be sure to check the date with the bride and groom, and don’t be afraid of planning it a few weeks or more before the wedding.

Think Outside the Box

On TV, the bachelor typically consists of drinking and half naked girls. This doesn’t have to be the case, unless it is what the groom wants. There are plenty of fun activities and cool places to host a bachelor party. Don’t be afraid to do something unusual. Those are usually the best parties.

Always Remember the Groom

The bachelor is all about the groom. If he has special requests, try to accommodate them. If he says he absolutely does not want to go to a strip club, respect that. Also, consider his interests and dreams. Is there something he’s always wanted to do but has never had the chance? Does he have a hobby that would be a fun activity? The goal is to plan an event that will be fun and memorable for the groom.

Don’t Forget to Talk about Money

You need to have the money talk with the groom, groomsmen and potentially the guests as soon as possible. You don’t want anyone to be surprised the day of. Discuss who is responsible for paying for what as well as how much everyone is comfortable spending. When you plan the bachelor party, be sure to keep the budget and payment arrangement in mind.

Have Fun

No matter what, have fun. Plans don’t always work out, but a bachelor party is what you make of it. If you want it to be a night to remember, make it one. Now, go celebrate the groom!

Being the Best Man

Being the best man is a huge honor, but as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. Here’s an introductory guide to the duties of the best man…

Assist: The chief responsibility of any best man is to assist the groom in any and all wedding-related duties. This can vary greatly from wedding to wedding, but a few obvious ways a best man can help out are: helping out with the selection of tuxedos or suits for the wedding, direct or drive out-of-town guests to/from the airport or hotel, hold onto the bride and groom’s rings during the wedding ceremony, make sure the officiant receives their payment on the wedding day, serve as a witness for the signing of the wedding certificate, and drive the bride and groom to their hotel/house/airport following the reception.

Attend: Being the best man comes with a long list of invitations as the groom’s main man is expected to attend a wide variety of wedding-related festivities. It’s the responsibility of the best man to be present for any and all of the following events: the bachelor party, the engagement party, a couples shower (if one is being thrown), the wedding rehearsal, the rehearsal dinner, and most obvious, the wedding and the reception.

Oversee: One of the biggest ways that the best man can help out the groom is by overseeing tasks and people that might otherwise be overlooked. The best man is responsible for keeping the other groomsmen in line, making sure they’re where they’re supposed to be when they’re supposed to be there and that they’re doing the right thing. This doesn’t only include the wedding day; the best man can keep the groomsmen in line at other wedding-related festivities as well, making sure the men are on time to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, and that they’ve all rented or purchased their tuxes/suits on time.

Organize: The best man also has a few party-planning obligations of his own, most notably the bachelor party. The best man is the guy in charge of organizing the bachelor party, usually celebrated days before the wedding. This can be thrown by several groomsmen or friends (so don’t be afraid to ask for help) and the cost is usually split evenly among the guys (excluding the groom). It’s also up to the best man to put together a toast for the reception.

More on being the Best Man

How to Be a Great Best Man

Standing next to your buddy on his wedding day is a great honor, and assuming the role of an even greater Best Man is probably weighing heavily on your mind. Generally speaking, grooms have it easier than brides; they just have to show up, right? Wrong. Keep the tips below in mind on your friend’s wedding day; it will make his trip to the altar much smoother.

Be the buffer. There are a number of loose ends in need of tying up on the wedding day: paying the caterer, making sure the DJ is set up, coordinating the groom’s arrival time with the bride’s, etc. Whenever possible, make sure all questions and concerns bypass the groom and go straight to you. The last thing he needs is a group of people coming at him with demands. Help him out by diffusing his stress level.

Keep track of the essentials. Little-known fact: the groom is usually responsible for the essential wedding day items. While the bride has her “something old, something new, etc.” the groom is in charge of bringing the big ticket items to the ceremony, like the wedding rings and the marriage license. Avoid a wedding catastrophe by making a list of “must haves” for the wedding day and keeping track of them. Everyone involved will thank you.

Provide a reality check. It is no secret that nerves run high in the hours before saying “I do.” If the groom is looking a little peaked, pull him aside and talk him through it. If he has stage fright, remind him that the bride is the only person he should be looking at. If he’s worried about stuttering through his vows, have him practice with you a few times to loosen up. Bottom line: keep him cool and collected until he is standing at the altar. The first sight of the bride will take him the rest of the way.

Keep the bride in mind. Yes, you are there to support your friend, but supporting your friend’s choice of mate is equally important. Be respectful of the bride by delivering her fiancé at his best. Don’t plan a wild bachelor party the night before the wedding – no one wants to see the groom hung-over. If you are running late on the wedding day, call the Maid of Honor and ask her to relay the info to the bride. A Best Man is someone who minimizes drama rather than facilitating it. Bring your A-game, let the bride and groom know they can count on you, and you’ll do just fine.

Best Man’s Responsibilities

So you were chosen to be the best man at an upcoming wedding. Congratulations! You may be asking yourself what this means. What exactly does the best man do, besides deliver a totally awesome/moving/hilarious/embarrassing/riot-inducing speech at the reception? Here are twelve responsibilities of a faithful best man:

  • Your # 1 priority as the best man is to be there for the groom. It’s your job to be his right-hand man during the planning and wedding day. Make yourself available to help the groom out any way you can.
  • Assist the groom in selecting the tuxedos/suits for the wedding. Once a decision has been made, oversee and coordinate the purchase or rental of the other groomsmen’s attire to make sure everyone matches.
  • Two words: Bachelor. Party. You’re the man in charge of organizing the groom’s final celebration as a single man. This is a task that is typically organized by several of the groomsmen so don’t be afraid to ask for help. The cost for the night should be divided by everyone in attendance (except the groom).
  • Attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
  • Stand by your man (literally) up at the altar during the wedding ceremony. You’re also responsible for holding onto the bride’s wedding ring until the exchange. Make sure you keep the ring safe before the wedding and that you know where it is during the ceremony!
  • Oversee the other groomsmen to make sure they’re doing what they need to do on the day of the wedding.
  • Serve as an official witness of the wedding ceremony and sign the marriage license, along with the maid of honor.
  • Make sure the priest/pastor/lawyer/judge receives payment for officiating the ceremony.
  • Enter the reception, typically alongside the maid of honor, and participate in any dances specified for the wedding party.
  • Deliver the first toast of the reception. This is the biggest and most important duty of the best man so make it good!
  • Collect gifts and cards at the reception and transfer them to a predetermined location for the bride and groom to retrieve after the honeymoon.
  • Drive the bride and groom to their hotel/house/airport after the reception. You may also be called on to drive them to the airport the next morning, as well as return the groom’s rented tuxedo.