pinterest pins of the week

Pinterest Pins Of The Week

Pinterest Pins Of The Week

Big Balloons: We’ve been seeing this trend for awhile in small doses. Dessert table queen Amy Atlas wowed us with her monochromatic take on sweets with coordinating extra large balloons attached to her table. But balloons are taking over for real now with less emphasis on florals and total whimsy with these giant childhood favorites stealing the show and acting as centerpieces and focal points.  And there’s really no limit to colors and styles- AND prices! BHLDN makes some uber fancy golden and metallic ones with ultra plush add -ons, but you can also find DIY tutorials, some serious steals on ETSY and wholesale finds from sites like Event Décor Direct. Some of calling them Geronimo balloons, but in reality they are just super sized latex balloons that need lots of helium and are making a huge statement.  The coolest part? They can be customized with over the top fancy tassels and double as wedding photo props. They’re adorable and in bulk make a massive statement, literally. See ‘blackboard decor’ here.
pinterest pins of the week

chicago cotton candyCotton Candy Accessorizing: We knew earlier this week, when we covered local vendor Spin Spun, that cotton candy was definitely all the rage. But Colin Cowie took it to a whole new level on Pinterest with this dream- like presentation of cocktail hour with cotton candy glass toppers.  You can imagine our surprise when we also found this photo in the latest Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine. Try it on in small doses since it seems a bit labor intensive. We are thinking engagement party or bridal shower. Either way, the look is fabulous and sure to induce lots of chatter.

Floral Envelope Liners: Lining envelopes has long been a highly sought after trend of the upscale stationary lovers, and now the look has become even more fun and also more accessible.  For those with a big budget and even bigger imagination, you can custom line your envelopes in almost any pattern or design. We especially love the idea of a floral, almost wallpaper-inspired design for the upcoming Spring. We also adore what companies like the always whimsical Cherie Berry are doing with vintage prints and initials. And for those brides who are looking to save a few bucks? Lining your own has never been easier! Buying the paper in bulk or even printing your own on a laser jet printer can save you tons and with a little time and the right adhesive can look just as good!Modern Elegant Wedding Invitation

Glossed and Found- Wedding Edition

Glossed and Found, one of our go-to sites when it comes to all things chic in Chicago, has just launched a must-follow new featurette appropriately called “Glossed and Gowned.” Not only do we love the name, but when first meets eye, this uber fun wedding edition also takes you behind the scenes of their gorgeous bridal shoot. This season’s most in demand wedding gowns dressed with the best baubles around, the images alone are enough to stir the minds of any fashionista turned bride. And in true Glossed and Found style, even their video is utter perfection. We hope this is only the beginning of a very stylish pairing between Glossed and Found and the fantasy world of weddings.

Another fun fact about G+F? It’s actually the brainchild of founder, Stacey Roney of Beauty on Call, a leading bridal beauty company. The idea behind this service is high-end make-up artists, and hair stylists alike pamper you like a celebrity for your big day and beyond. With custom consultations and on-site services, these pros bring the goods. And their expert touch is invaluable when you have complete peace of mind about looking beyond gorgeous for your wedding. They cater to all events, including rehearsals, showers, weddings, and any other event where personal attention to beauty is needed.  Just another fabulous vendor in Chicago that we are absolutely loving.  You can check out their rates and get more info on services
at Another helpful tip…our Beauty Tip Timeline.

Which brings us back to the editorial love fest that is Glossed and Found. Be sure to check out the very special wedding edition being featured now on their site along with perennial favorites like “Found!” where you can site local celebs and scenesters at all the hottest events around town. Or check our their datebook where you can see which upcoming events you might want to hit up. Our favorite, however, is the Spotlight. This clever interview section asked one featured guest, celeb, guy or gal about town some must-know questions like how they got into their respective businesses or what is a beauty product they simply cannot live without.  It’s a must-read for us always and now for budding brides, you can introduce yourself to a whole new level of cool via Glossed and Found.

Take some time to enjoy the perfectly curated and styled looks from Valentino to BHLDN, Lanvin and even local Chicago jewelry designer Dana Rebecca. It’s all on display at Glossed and Found today! Happy Reading!

Pinterest: Pins of the Week


This trend has been all the rage on the runways, and we’re loving that it’s making its way into wedding world.  There are lots of possibilities for incorporating ombre (i.e. bridesmaids’ dresses, floral, table linens), but this cake has to be one of our favorites!  If you’re not big on the hearts, you could stick with circles for a simpler look.


We’ve blogged about our love for BHLDN before, but this dress caught us by surprise.  The sleeves, the delicate floral, the cinched waist, we love it all!  And the color, we can’t think of a better alternative to white.  And if you’re a Chicago bride who has fallen in love with BHLDN, you’re in luck!  Because their second brick and mortar store just opened in the beautiful Windy City.  Read more about the store’s opening here.


We’re always looking for a fun way to add personality into weddings, and these suspenders are the perfect solution for the groom and/or groomsman who want to add a little something extra.  The gingham adds just a touch of playfulness and would be a fun surprise under the most formal of tuxes.  If the multicolored is a bit much for your taste, stick with a classic black and white pattern.  And for another sweet surprise, snag a pair for the fathers of the bride and groom!



Should You Buy a Reception Dress?

After you spend all that money on wedding dress you have to wear it all night, right? Not necessarily. Some brides choose to change into a reception dress once the party gets started. A reception dress is typically a shorter, usually just above the knee, white dress. However, you could choose to wear a different color if you wished. It depends on how you want to look on your wedding day.

Is a reception dress right for you?

Reception dresses aren’t for everyone. Before shelling out another $100 to $600 plus on another white dress, consider these questions.

Do I love my wedding dress so much that I want to wear it all night?

Will I get uncomfortable in the wedding dress? (Consider length, heaviness, and restrictions.)

Do I want to change into a dress that will be more comfortable to dance in?

What do I want to be wearing in my wedding photos? (Consider the garter toss, cake cutting, and dancing photos.)

Is there money in my wedding budget for a reception dress?

Where to Find a Reception Dress

Where you purchase a reception dress depends on your style and budget. Reception dresses can be simple, white cocktail dresses or extravagant gowns with bedding and lace. They are also available in a wide range of prices. Here are just a few stores to consider.

Department Stores – Most department stores have a dress section. You may be able to find a white cocktail dress or be able to order a dress in white.

Bridal Stores – Many bridal stores carry reception dresses. They also carry cocktail dresses or short bridesmaids’ dresses. Sometimes these are available in white.

Online – There are tons of online stores that offer reception dresses or dresses available in white. Be sure to check reviews and return policies before ordering. Check out BHLDN.

Whatever you decide to wear, make sure you feel beautiful. You don’t want to spend the night uncomfortable and self-conscious, and don’t be afraid to bend the rules. Just because you are bride doesn’t mean you have to spend the night in a long, white gown.


BHLDN has arrived – Anthropologie Weddings

Monday was a big day in the bridal world.  BHLDN, the bridal brainchild of the people at Anthropologie was launched.  The whimsy, magic, and delicateness of Anthropologie has now been packed into a beautiful world for brides.

BHLDN is of course heavily focused on wedding gowns.  Their selection is one-of-a-kind and makes almost any past, present, or future bride swoon.  They’ve got something for every body type and every type of bride.  If you want elegant, they’ve got it.  If you want romantic, they’ve got.  Vintage inspired, garden appropriate, whimsy laced…yep, they’ve got those too.  The selection is nothing short of beautiful.  However, just because Anthropologie is a big name, doesn’t mean they’re pumping out their gowns by the thousands.  Dresses are sold on a limited basis, so brides don’t have to fear seeing their dress on every corner or at every alter.

And in true Anthropologie fashion, the customer service of BHLDN is special and sincere.  Their website abounds with ways to narrow down your style and find the perfect look. Shipping is affordable and returns are free with a prepaid label.  And don’t fret about confusing bridal sizing.  The folks at BHLDN have made it easy, with a focus on traditional sizing and a fit guide that can help even the most size confused bride.

But BHLDN doesn’t stop at bridal gowns, they make it a point to continue the bridal experience creating party inspired dresses for attendants, family members, and guests.  These dresses are also perfect for the bride to wear to other wedding related events and festivities.  BHLDN is the antithesis to stuffy, cheesy, and unwearable bridesmaids dresses.  It’s hard to find one dress on their site that you don’t love.

Continuing the magic, BHLDN offers shoes, lingerie, accessories, and more.  Their shoes are Cinderella worthy, and their accessories are statement pieces fit for a queen.  Glancing at their website, its easy to forget you’re in wedding world, because their pieces are so timeless, you’ll be swooning and loving them long after the wedding has passed.

Please enjoy the following images from the BHLDN collection.