Best Wedding Flowers

When it comes to the best wedding flowers there are quite a lot of choices for you! Which ones do you gravitate towards – roses, lilies, daisies, plumeria, dogwood or lilacs?

This year, we are seeing a lot of orange and butter yellow shades. These flowers compliment both summer and fall weddings. You can use Peonies, Icelandic poppies, Juliet roses, chrysanthemums, carnations, and ranunculus to make a beautiful bouquet or bouquets for your bridesmaids. Add a delicate chandelier and you’ve got a very romantic space.

Another trend we are loving this year is moss! Who would have thought this greenery would replace the lush leaves we’ve been seeing for years? Moss adds a fabulous fairy tale element to your wedding space. Technically moss isn’t a flower, but you can add flowers to it to make it gorgeous.  You can use a moss wall as an indoor ceremony backdrop or place it as a runner down the center of a long banquet table. Different flowers can be placed in the moss to add a great splash of color.

Another flower we love is the arthurium. It appears like a tropical flower but can be placed with more traditional flowers like tulips, roses, celosias, calla lilies and mini gerberas. The arthurium gives your bouquet a very unique look. This flower is especially fun for both summer and fall due to the range of colors it comes in.

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

This week, we’ve had more than our fair share of fireworks, backyard BBQs, and hotdogs, leaving us thinking about nothing but red, white, and blue.  So in honor of America’s big day, we’re sharing our favorites pins in our three favorite colors!

Bright Red with a Pop of Orange.  Red florals are classic, bright, and vibrant.  Though for some reason, most people tend to picture roses when they think of red flowers.  Yet, we love this festive bouquet, as it uses red to make a statement, sans roses!  Mixed with pops of orange and funky greenery, this bouquet is sure to make a statement for any bride!

Doily Wrapped Invites.  We’ve seen this pin pop up a few times on Pinterest, and every way we see it, we can’t help but swoon at the simple elegance of this look.  Invitations can often be expensive and overwhelming for couples, as there are endless options.  But sometimes simple is best, and this lace and paper combination is the perfect example of this sentiment.  With a package of doilies, some ribbon, and some simple invites, these invitations are an easy DIY for any bride!

Blue Bowtie.  We love the look of a classic bowtie, but when you add a bit of a nontraditional twist, we’re over the moon!  This navy and white polka dot bowtie is perfect for the groom who wants to add a bit of flair without straying too far from a classic look.  We can see this bowtie with a crisp white shirt, a gingham button up, or a classic khaki suit.  It’s hard to go wrong with this blue beauty!

5 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Aisle

Every bride longs for the moment she walks down the aisle. It is at that moment that the reality of the day becomes true. You’re dressed in your wedding gown; all the guests are looking you, and at the end of the aisle is the man of your dreams. The only thing that can make the moment more beautiful is stunning décor. Depending on the style and location of your wedding, there are a variety of décor options. Here are just a few.

Vases with Flowers and/or Candles

One romantic option is to line the aisle with flowers and candles. For an outdoor wedding, you might use shepherd hooks to hang the arrangements, and for a country wedding, you might use mason jars filled with votive candles or wildflowers. For a church wedding, you could hang baskets with flower arrangements on the pews. The possibilities are endless.

Aisle Runner

Aisle runners are classic ceremony décor. Sometimes the church or venue has a runner you can use, or you can easily purchase or rent an aisle runner. The color and style options are endless. You can choose a classic white runner, or you could pick a color that matches your theme. (Hot pink runner? Why not?) You can also choose a runner with elaborate details such as beading, lace, and your initials.

Flower Petals

Real or silk flower petals are a gorgeous way to line the aisle. You can choose a color that matches your theme and bouquets. The most commonly used flower petals are roses. You can cover the entire aisle, create a design with the wedding flowers, or line the sides of the aisle.


Outdoor or beach weddings can use tiki torches to line the aisle. This is beautiful for an early evening wedding and creates a romantic glow during the ceremony. It is also an excellent idea for destination weddings such as Hawaiian weddings.


Another idea for a beach wedding is colored sand. You can use the colored sand to create a pattern down the aisle. The sand comes in a variety colors, so you can choose a wedding color that fits your theme.

For more aisle décor ideas, talk to your florist and venue. They can offer inside tips on ideas that will be appropriate for your ceremony. When choosing décor, be sure to consider location, season, time of day, theme, and wedding budget.