The Kentucky Derby Wedding

The Kentucky Derby Wedding

Derby ThemeThe Kentucky Derby Wedding. It’s off to the races! Or is it, a race to the altar? However you slice it,  The Kentucky Derby is chalk full of wedding inspiration.  Not only is it a spring right of passage for sporting fans, for us in the wedding biz, it’s the perfect time of year for the most gorgeous florals. From the signature cocktail (hello, mint julep!) to the special attire (ladies in hats and men opting for bow ties), it’s just enough theme without being overboard, and we have to say, we adore the look!

First, let’s consider the date. May is bustling with signs of summer, but also has a safe bet for temps staying comfortable for your guests. And while you always run the risk of rainy weather with a tent, we think an indoor venue with a vast veranda or terrace is perfect for echoing the same sentiment as Derby watching.  The event lends itself to plenty of other built-in musts like using silver plated mint julep cups for floral arrangements, choosing equestrian accents like horse figurines or even the quintessential sign of good luck, the Horseshoe for your escort cards. We also love the subtle homages to southern tradition that might be perfect for a preppy couple even if they aren’t from the julep

There’s a huge trend of turning to Southern traditions for weddings. For one, they really embrace the gala idea of several days of wedding festivities.  You can follow suit by adding a BBQ themed rehearsal dinner and opting for Southern style sides on your dinner menu as well. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love cornbread, mac n’ cheese and pecan pie? And no Southern Wedding would be complete without a grand red velvet cake!

One of our favorite blogs, Southern Weddings Magazine, is stocked with coverage of real weddings that embrace all of these terrific ideas. And show that is it completely possibly to try to theme out for an engagement party or bridal shower.  Some of our favorites we’ve seen so far? A bow tie bar for the guys and cigar rollers! Or maybe your guy would like a Kentucky bourbon bar for tasting.  We think the ideas are endless! And we are sure to see more of this trend in the year ahead!

Derby Cake