Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Drawing Paper Backdrop.  We love to see the creative ways that couples designate the special space where they will say their vows.  From flowers, to fabric, to tree branches, we love to see the unique things couples come up with.  So imagine our delight when we saw this simple yet special drawing paper backdrop.  With a white background and black text, you might expect it to be overly plain, but in our minds, this ceremony space marker is anything but!  We love thinking about how easy this backdrop would be to customize, using favorite song lyrics, sweet poems, special dates to the couple, or even bits and pieces from the couple’s vows.  The possibilities are endless!

Tammy Horton Photography

Notable Navy.  When we saw this pin, we couldn’t help but love everything about this groom’s look.  Seriously, from the navy, to the bowtie, to the vest, to the anemone boutonnière, what’s not to love?  This look is the perfect example of showcasing a groom’s unique style without straying too far from the classics.

Lauren Piper Photography

Be Adventurers.  Wedding planning is an adventure in itself, but when you think about it, it’s really just a small step on the journey that couples take together.  So our advice to couples?  Go bold, go big, and go together. Have each other’s back, help one another navigate the tricky spots, and reenergize each other after a long day’s work.  This pin reminds us to be adventurers together on this crazy journey.

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

This week, we’ve had more than our fair share of fireworks, backyard BBQs, and hotdogs, leaving us thinking about nothing but red, white, and blue.  So in honor of America’s big day, we’re sharing our favorites pins in our three favorite colors!

Bright Red with a Pop of Orange.  Red florals are classic, bright, and vibrant.  Though for some reason, most people tend to picture roses when they think of red flowers.  Yet, we love this festive bouquet, as it uses red to make a statement, sans roses!  Mixed with pops of orange and funky greenery, this bouquet is sure to make a statement for any bride!

Doily Wrapped Invites.  We’ve seen this pin pop up a few times on Pinterest, and every way we see it, we can’t help but swoon at the simple elegance of this look.  Invitations can often be expensive and overwhelming for couples, as there are endless options.  But sometimes simple is best, and this lace and paper combination is the perfect example of this sentiment.  With a package of doilies, some ribbon, and some simple invites, these invitations are an easy DIY for any bride!

Blue Bowtie.  We love the look of a classic bowtie, but when you add a bit of a nontraditional twist, we’re over the moon!  This navy and white polka dot bowtie is perfect for the groom who wants to add a bit of flair without straying too far from a classic look.  We can see this bowtie with a crisp white shirt, a gingham button up, or a classic khaki suit.  It’s hard to go wrong with this blue beauty!

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Lace Covered Cake Table.  We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again…we love cake!  We love the color and focal point it can provide a space, and of course, we love the taste.  But what we love about this pin, outside of the fabulous height and gorgeous texture of the cake, is the lace covered cake table.  It is beautiful!  We love that this couple has taken the extra step and given their cake a beautiful backdrop to sit on. The cream and white color keep the linens from taking all the focus, and the texture of the lace gives just the right amount of depth and detail.  Wanting to recreate this look?  Check vintage scores and flea markets for vintage lace, without the hefty price.

DIY Burlap Boutonniere.  This burlap boutonniere might be one of our most favorite pins ever!  Floral can take up such a huge piece of the budget, so we always love creative ways to cut back on the monetary impact on bouquets and boutonnieres.   The burlap brings in an element of nature, and the feathers mimic the lightness of flowers.  The buttons add just the right about of detail to finish the look off.  You can find an easy tutorial Green Wedding Shoes, so head over and get your DIY on!

Super Stylish Couple.  We stumbled across this pin this week, and couldn’t help but gasp out loud.  This couple defines chic, particularly because they have found a great way to blend style, personality, and a bit of whimsy.  The bride’s funky necklace, paired with a delicate blusher is a match made in heaven.  The groom’s dapper hat and bowtie looks hip without a bit of stuffiness.  After some digging, we found out that these two are Mat and Annie, and you can see more of their wedding here.



Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Bridesmaid Boxes.  Choosing your attendants is an exciting and important task.  Selecting the people who will stand with you on your wedding day is a big deal.  While many brides ask as they share their engagement news with friends and family, we love the idea of planfully asking your bridesmaids the-oh-so-important question. “Will you be my bridesmaid?” boxes are both simple and special.  And with easy DIY instructions, they’re achievable for even the most craft challenged bride!

Ditch the Jacket.  With spring weather at our fingertips, we’re thinking about outdoor weddings, and we can’t help but love groom’s decision to ditch the traditional jacket.  While a plain or patterned button up would also look great, we love his decision to don a cardigan and bowtie, both with great color.  Weddings are all about personality, and we love that this groom is showing off his!

First Kiss, without the First Look.  Couples everywhere are challenging the idea of not having contact the day of the wedding.  We’ve heard of couples doing just about everything under the sun, from sticking to the traditional not seeing each other, to the intimate first look pictures.  We’ve always been a bit torn between the two options, so we can’t help but swoon over this perfect combination of seeing each other, but not seeing each other.  It allows for fun pictures and a quick moment together, while still preserving the sense of magic that happens when the bride first starts down the aisle.  This blindfold might just be the way to go!