Budget Friendly Bachelorette Fun

Budget Friendly Bachelorette Party

Budget Friendly Bachelorette Fun

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Budget Friendly Bachelorette Party

Playing bridesmaid for a best friend can be exciting! When it comes to planning the bachelorette party for that friend things can also get pretty expensive. Luckily, you don’t need to drain your life’s savings to afford a bachelorette celebration. Here are some great ideas for a budget friendly bachelorette party.

Plan Some Low-Cost Ladies Night Fun

If you really want to save money on entertainment for the bachelorette festivities, a portable streaming stick TV device can hook you and your friends up with the latest streaming services. You can also stream must-see chick flicks for a relaxing ladies’ movie night in with your friends. Need to put a little more pizazz into your girls’ night? You can play some fun bachelorette games during your girls’ night in. You can even take some games out on the town. If you are feeling adventurous, be sure to check out pole dancing parties.

Pick Up Healthy and Inexpensive Snacks

Healthy foods and drinks are a safe bet, especially when everyone is trying to stay trim for the big day. If you decide to put together a movie night for the bride and bridesmaids, opt for a few healthy snacks, such as popcorn or guacamole with chips, that won’t break the bank. Another option for saving money is to pick food from some Costco faves. This is an especially helpful tip if your bridal party is on the larger side. You can download a few coupon apps, too, so you can search for deals on bachelorette party foods, games, favors, and anything else you need to celebrate.

Don’t Rule Out a Budget-Friendly Girls Getaway

Staying in or staying local is a great way to save on bachelorette party costs, but sometimes getting out of town is more fun! Thankfully, there are some low-cost destinations perfect for bachelorette getaways. For example, flights and hotels for an Austin trip won’t break the bank. There are plenty of hip restaurants, activities, and bars to keep your group thoroughly entertained. Alternatively, you can check out other destinations, such as Savannah or even Puerto Rico. Set a clear expectation for expenses so all are prepared. Split the costs evenly so it is fair for bridal party.

Be Sure to Snap Some Cute Selfies and Photos

Hiring a pro to take photos of the big day is a must, but you don’t need to spend money on a pro to capture some bachelorette party memories. If you really want to wow the bride and other guests, think about setting up a DIY photo booth with a few props and decorations. An over-sized chalkboard with some fun messages is super simple and inexpensive to set up. The items you purchase can be used for other events or even home decor to make the most of your shopping. Before you step in front of the camera for those photo ops, also research some selfie tips, so you can frame your photos later.

Preparation Is Key

If you don’t plan carefully, bachelorette party expenses can really start to add up fast. So use the tips above and talk though budget concerns with the other bridesmaids, and even the bride. After paying for dresses, shoes, and wedding expenses, everyone is sure to welcome a chance to save money while still making lasting memories together.

Formality Dances and Tradition

Formality Dances and Tradition

As you are planning your wedding reception, there is no doubt you will put a lot of thought into your first dance.  The song may reflect your personal taste and can stand the test of time as “your song”.   Your first dance is a moment you will never forget, but the dances that come immediately after your first dance are also important moments that require some planning.

Traditionally, after the first dance, the groom escorts his bride to her father for the father-daughter dance.   Most of the time, the bride and her father rock back and forth with tear filled eyes to something like Heartland’s “I Loved Her First”, but perhaps a slow dance with your dad does not fit your style.  Remember, it’s your day, there’s no such thing as a wrong choice, there’s only YOUR choice.  Take for instance a recent wedding where the bride was a self-proclaimed cowgirl.  Prior to the father daughter dance, the bride and her father changed into cowboy boots and danced an upbeat two-step to Chris LeDoux’s “Cadillac Cowboy”.   The dance was reflective of their personal taste and unique relationship and is sure to be a moment neither of them will ever forget.

The same is true for the mother-son dance.  Don’t be afraid to customize your moment.  Traditionally, mothers and sons may choose a slow song like Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World.”  This is a beautiful song which usually makes its way into a wedding reception at some point in the evening, but does not necessarily need to be used for one of the formality dances.  We recently worked with a groom who wanted a less traditional song.  They selected Paul Simon’s “Loves Me Like a Rock.”  As is the case with a lot of Paul Simon’s music, “Loves Me Like a Rock” is a fun, upbeat, playful tune that allows a mother and son to put a twist on the traditional slow dance.

Whether you choose a slow dance or an alternative, be sure to make the most of your special moments and don’t be afraid to customize your day and stray from tradition.