How to Choose a Wedding Theme

The modern bride and groom want a wedding that is unique and personalized. They don’t want a traditional, cookie-cutter wedding that has been done over and over again. So how do you create a personalized, one-of-a-kind wedding? One solution is to create a unique wedding theme. This overarching concept can be included in all of the wedding details to create an event that showcases the couple’s personalities, interests, and relationship.

How Do You Choose a Wedding Theme?

Choosing a theme can be difficult. Sometime couples have a hard time coming up with an idea. They feel trapped by the conventional wedding standards, and they need to do some brainstorming. Other couples have too many ideas and need to pick the theme that is most appropriate for their wedding. Here are some ideas for both types of couples.

Brainstorming Ideas

Brainstorming is a technique that we are often taught in school. It is usually used to generate ideas for various projects, so it is a perfect way to begin thinking about wedding themes. After all, your wedding is one big project. There is no right way to brainstorm. You may choose to create lists and charts, or you can simply discuss the topic with friends and family members (and of course, your fiancé) until you come up with a good idea. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when brainstorming.

What are your interests?

How would you describe your personality?

Are there any places that are important to you and your fiancé?

How would you describe the mood of your ideal wedding?

As you begin to answer these questions, let the answers guide you to other questions. The perfect idea may be something that you would have never expected, so don’t censure yourself. Just let the ideas flow.

Choosing the Theme

Now that you have developed a bunch of ideas, you must choose which theme to use. Some weddings incorporate more than one theme, but be careful. If your themes clash, your wedding will seem chaotic and disorganized. You want the theme to create a seamless, personalized event rather than a smorgasbord of all your interests. Here are a few more questions to ask yourself.

Is this theme appropriate for the venue and season?

Does the theme fit with the tone of our wedding?

Does the theme showcase our personalities, interests, and/or relationship?

Does my fiancé like the idea?

Does the idea make me excited to begin planning the wedding?

If you answered yes to the above questions, you have probably found the perfect wedding theme. Happy wedding planning!





































Wedding Butterfly Release

Some people throw rose petals or blow bubbles when a newlywed couple exits the wedding ceremony, but a fun and beautiful alternative is to have guests release butterflies after the nuptials. Butterflies symbolize new beginnings, so a butterfly release is a magical way to symbolize a marriage.

How Does a Butterfly Release Work?

You can release the butterflies in one of two ways, an individual release or a mass release. For the individual release, each butterfly is in a small, secured box. As the couple exits the ceremony site, each guests opens a box and releases a butterfly. For the mass release, the butterflies are held in a large box or container. When instructed, someone will open the box and all of the butterflies will be released. This is typically done by the bride and groom.

Where Do You Buy Butterflies?

Butterflies can be ordered from a variety of companies. They are typically shipped to you prior to the event. Here are a few possible places to order butterflies:

Swallow Tails Farms – They offer monarch butterflies. While they recommend ordering as soon as possible, they are sometimes able to accommodate last minute orders.

Amazing Butterflies – They offer monarch butterflies and painted ladies.

Butterfly Release Company – They also offer monarch butterflies and painted ladies. Last minute orders are accepted.

Tips for Releasing Butterflies

*When you receive the package, replace the ice pack with a frozen one. This will keep the butterflies dormant.

*An hour before you want the butterflies to fly, take the boxes out of the insulated shipping box. This gives the butterflies time to wake up.

*When choosing the type of butterfly, know that painted ladies will linger after being released while monarchs will fly away quickly. However, the monarchs are twice the size of painted ladies.