Naked Wedding Cakes

You’re Pinterest board is full of them. Wedding cake after luscious wedding cake, ripe for the choosing. Every picture, more mouth watering than the next, so how ever will you choose? Well, for some of the more adventurous couples, naked wedding cakes have never been hotter. You probably even have a photo of one or two on that very same Pinterest board. You’ve pinned it and you don’t even know how on trend you are! Naked cakes, as they are being called, are still perfectly acceptable for weddings and while they share the same tiered look as more traditional ones, these confections are different in that they don’t have icing or frosting on the outside- showing off the layers of filling and various cake flavors.

naked cake 3

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This option is perfect for cakes featuring fruits or fruit fillings. You know all of those elegant farm inspired pastries with layers wrapped in raffia or colored bows? Well this is the time to bring that to life for your wedding and show off the natural beauty of the cake.  Many wedding cake bakers are highlighting these choices with raspberry preserves or current jellies that add a pop of color and delicious flavor layer to a vanilla or lemon flavored white cake.

naked cake 2

And to show off some of our favorite new options, we have a list or “menu “ of sorts that we’ve compiled from the best of the web. Enjoy, and try not to eat your computer screen!

naked cake 1

Our first choice, isn’t so much a recipe or flavor but the idea of having multiple layers and flavors. Because the outer layer isn’t frosted, guests can easily see their choices and entice their senses by getting a glimpse at multiple cakes. But beware, some guests may go cake crazy and opt for the sampler platter as opposed to just one slice.

Whoopie pie, anyone? Layers of beautiful classic chocolate cake layered with white vanilla butter cream is not only sure to please just about everyone but also doubles as a large scale doppelganger for the sweet favorite, whoopie pies. Topped with some fresh flowers or sentimental bride and groom figurines, it’s an instant classic!

Strawberry Shortcake. Another flavor that brings you right back to summers as a child, this cake can use standout strawberries to unearth a fresh balance between moist layers of buttery white or pound cake.  Paired with fresh whipped cream and you have taken this cake to a whole new level. And the idea of serving it naked is almost a necessity considering how gorgeous the layers look. Think about adding a red tie to each layer or pulling it into a bow for a sweet look.

naked cake 4

Any way you slice it, cake is delicious. But these naked cakes just might be the next big thing. And for those of us who aren’t crazy about frosting to begin with, there isn’t a thing missing! Bon Appetit!