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Teacup Floral: With summer gone and fall in full swing, we are loving the slight switch up of florals.  We’re waving goodbye to the super bright and pigmented and saying hello to moody hues, layered pieces, and more organic shapes.  This wedding DIY teacup arrangement looks cool without being overly quirky.  The similarity of the shape of the teacups and the simple, classic color combos help create a streamlined look.  This arrangement is also heavy on greenery, which we totally dig for fall.


Gatsby-esque Invites: We hate to admit it, but we missed one of the year’s biggest blockbusters in theaters.  (Thankfully, The Great Gatsby is now out on DVD, so we plan to catch it soon!)  Nonetheless, we fell in love with the decadent and over the top style of the film, which of course has translated beautifully for weddings.  This awesome wedding invitation caught our eye, as we love the subtle yet statement making lines and classic colors.  The font is both playful and overstated, giving a fair nod to the Jazz Age and all it’s greatness.  Now if we could just get Leonardo Dicaprio to be our groom…


Team Toppers: Football season is in full swing, which means our weekends are consumed by only two things: weddings and football.  (Not a bad combo if you ask us!)  It only makes sense for people to find fun ways to infuse their sports team love into their real-life love, and these cake toppers are certainly a fun way to do so.  They celebrate team spirit, while still holding onto a sweet vintage vibe.  The only question is, what team are you rooting for?


Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Gown + Tux.  When it comes to fashion, we love the classic look of a black blazer.  Pair it with jeans, pencil skirts, or dresses; it’s hard to go wrong.  However, as much as we love blazers, we have to admit, we don’t think we’ve ever seen the classic closet staple with a wedding dress.  But, after this pin, we are over the moon for the gown and tux pairing.  Everything about this look works!  And while the black/white combo might not be for everyone, we’re know there are some Chicago brides that could definitely pull off this pairing.

Dean Alexander Photography

Corn Husk Topper.  We’re not shy about our love for cakes or cake toppers, and this pin is so simple and elegant it takes our breath away.  A simple white cake with a cake topper straight from nature.  Now that fall is here, the leaves are changing, and the temperatures are cooling, we think that now the perfect time to debut this cake.  Simply stunning.

Jose Villa Photography

Aisle Markers.  We’ve seen couples decorate ceremony spaces using all sorts of special touches, and aisle markers are one of the most common features of the ceremony space.  Typically aisles are marked with some sort of embellishment on the end chairs, but this pin takes a different approach, marking aisles with floor florals.  The unique placement acts as both row markers as well as an aisle runner, and we love the pop of color sprinkled down the aisle.  The marigold color of these florals is also perfect for fall!

Kristi Wright Photography

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Groomsmen Sperry’s.  It’s hard to believe that summer is already winding down, but fall will be taking over the Midwest before we know it.  That being said, we’re soaking up all things summer, and this shot of these groomsmen and their Sperry’s did just the trick.  Footwear is one of the easiest ways for guys to infuse a little fun into their wedding day look, as well increase the overall comfort level for the big day.

Mike Larson Photographers, Inc.

Initials Cake Topper.  We’ve seen lots of fabulous cake toppers, and in fact, cake toppers seem to be making a comeback these days.  From fondant figures to vintage ceramic duos, there are tons of options if you want to have a happy couple sitting a top your wedding cake.  But if you want something a bit less traditional, how about these great initials?  From an adorable Etsy site, these letters would finish off any dessert with just the right amount of pizzazz and class.

Black, White, and Gold.  Black and white is a classic color combination, but it doesn’t have to be boring.  And this pin is perfect proof that the classic combination is bigger and better than ever.  With pops of gold and punches of patterns, the classic combo takes on a whole new life, perfect for a celebration to remember.  From the polka dots, to the box, to the gold rings around the candles, we are simply smitten with the fun take on this classic combo.

wedding cake

Choosing A Cake Baker

The tradition of wedding cake dates back to the Roman Empire and fortunately, much to the delight of sweet tooth’s everywhere, it’s a custom that has stood the test of time. With so many innovative and creative bakers in the world, your wedding cake can be a piece of art, a centerpiece of the reception that conveys a certain theme, message, or feel. Whether you prefer whimsical or classic, modern or romantic, there’s a wedding cake and baker out there that’s right for you. In your quest for the perfect bakery, here are a few things to consider:

Custom Cakes: Many bakeries offer custom cakes, meaning you can pitch an idea of exactly what you want, but others have relatively strict rules on the types of cakes they offer. During your initial meeting with bakers, ask about whether or not they have set styles you must choose from. If so, make sure to peruse their portfolio before deciding on a bakery.

Cost: Most wedding cakes are priced by the slice, but the price can often increase based on the flavors, fillings, and elaborateness of details. Discuss all of the factors that could increase your overall cake cost before signing a contract. If you want an elaborate wedding cake, but need to stay within a tight budget, ask about additional sheet cakes that can be cut in the kitchen and served to guest while a smaller, more elaborate cake is on display.

Flavors: Many bakeries offer brides an opportunity to sample various cake flavors. Not only is this a fantastic and tasty way to spend an afternoon, it will help you select a baker based not just on how beautiful their cakes are, but how good they taste. Even if a bakery doesn’t offer a taste testing, ask about the flavor and filling options available for wedding cakes and whether or not, you can mix and match flavors in different tiers.


Preparation: Depending on how intricate your cake is going to be or how popular the bakery is, your wedding cake may need to be made several days in advance. Ask ahead of time when exactly your cake will be baked. A few days in advance is common, but obviously, the cake will taste better and fresher the more recently it is prepared.

Delivery: Be sure to ask about the bakery’s delivery policy. Most bakers will deliver and set up your wedding cake for an extra fee, but some expect it to be picked up. If your cake is elaborate, large, or contains many tiers, paying the fee for delivery will be well worth it. That will ensure that the baker can set up the cake, fix any minor blemishes on the cake, and have it looking perfect when your guests arrive.

Cake Topper Ideas

Check out Cocoa Bean in Geneva

Wedding Cake – Top Tier

Since most couples had children quickly after marriage, the top tier of the cake, which was usually left over, was preserved for use at the christening of their first child. Part of what made this tradition so successful was that cakes were usually soaked in brandy and made with fruit, helping them preserve better and last longer than today’s popular flavors.

Over the years, this tradition evolved slightly into what we know today. As the time between marriage and christenings extended, many newlyweds began saving the top tier of cake to eat on their first anniversary. Enjoying the top tier together is a way for couples to relive and remember the joys of the wedding day.

This tradition has become less popular in recent years, although many newlyweds still opt to adhere by it. If you do decide that you want to save your top tier for your first anniversary, tell your cake baker or caterer ahead of time. Have them wrap the top tier in plastic wrap and place in an airtight plastic bag. At home, store it in an airtight plastic container and freeze.

If the thought of eating year-old cake makes you queasy, consider a modern spin on this age-old tradition. Many wedding cake bakers offer couples a complimentary mini cake on their one-year anniversary. If your baker doesn’t offer this, why not splurge and order one for yourself? Select the same flavor as your wedding cake and enjoy the tasty (fresh) dessert together.