Wedding Cake Toppers by SimplyBridal

Wedding Cake Toppers by SimplyBridal

Wedding Cake Toppers by SimplyBridal. The wedding cake is such a core piece of the wedding celebration. You could opt for the new fashionable fruit cake and keep it healthy and light, or go for the more traditional chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or cheesecake, it will definitely need a topper. Cake toppers have been such a key piece for a cake as it really allows the couple to show their personal side. They can be made of any material (sometimes even edible) and come in so many shapes and sizes. SimplyBridal has compiled a list of ideas to share with cake lovers everywhere!

Wedding Cake Toppers by SimplyBridal

Using Etsy for Your Big Day

Etsy offers an invaluable resource to blushing brides hoping to add creative and unique touches to their wedding celebration without spending countless hours on DIY projects. In case you haven’t heard of it, Etsy is an online marketplace for artists, jewelers, designers, photographers, and other creative geniuses selling original, one-of-a-kind, homemade, or vintage gifts and goods that are often customizable. And now, Etsy offers an entire category dedicated strictly to weddings. Here are ten ways to use Etsy to add a wow factor to your wedding…

Photo Props: From cute chalkboard signs to handmade “Just Married” pennants to fake mustaches aplenty, Etsy’s vendors offer adorable, one-of-a-kind accessories to spruce up professional wedding photos and add some fun to candid photo booth shoots.

Cake Toppers: Customize your wedding cake with handmade cake toppers that represent you and your spouse. Etsy provides everything from edible designs to comical figurines to paper flags to provide couples with an original way to top their treats.

Bridesmaids Gifts: Etsy offers gorgeous gifts for bridesmaids or attendants that can be personalized while remaining affordable. Scour the online marketplace for jewelry, home goods, hair accessories, or artwork that make original and posh presents.

Stationery: The array of talented artists and designers on Etsy are able to fulfill your every paper need with an astounding collection of invitations, save the date cards, thank you notes, and more. With the ability to customize color and design, Etsy illustrators allow you to create the perfect paper items without the hefty price tag that can accompany hiring a personal graphic designer.

Favors: Etsy offers a wide array of wedding favors, sold in bulk quantities at great prices. Search by wedding season or type of gift (home goods, bath & body, edible, etc). Not only is Etsy a great place to shop for favors themselves, you can also find fun favor accessories on the site. Vendors offer homemade tags, customizable favor boxes and bags, and personalized labels.

Attire & accessories: Bedeck yourself in one-of-a-kind baubles from Etsy’s wide range of jewelry sellers, or walk down the aisle in a custom-made wedding gown from the crop of fashionistas selling their styles on the site. Etsy also offers a wide selection of hair accessories, shoes, and purses.

Flowers: Believe it or not, you can even find wedding florals on Etsy. A huge assortment of bouquets, corsages, and centerpieces are available, made from silk, fabric, or even paper flowers.

Guest Book: A full line of customizable and unique guest books are available on Etsy, as well as some unique ideas for documenting guests. Select a personalized framed illustration for guests to sign, have gifts fill out individual cards and file them in a guest box, or create a wedding puzzle with individual pieces for invitees to sign.

Candles: Add originality to the age-old tradition of lighting the unity candle with handmade candles or accessories, or spruce up reception décor with personalized candleholders that can double as favors.

Décor: Etsy’s got you covered for everything else as well, with a full line of interesting, creative, and original wedding décor items. Whether you need personalized signage, table numbers, centerpieces, or place cards, Etsy offers it all.

Wedding DIY Pros and Cons

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) is a common buzz word among brides-to-be. Some brides associate DIY projects with savings and individuality. Other brides associate the trend with cheap quality and lots of headaches. Both brides have defendable cases. Here is why.

The Pros of DIY

There are lots of reasons that DIY projects have become so popular. Those reasons include:

Low Costs – Typically, DIY projects are cheaper than store bought versions. For instance, invitations printed on your home computer may be least 50% cheaper than stationary ordered from a traditional printer.

Personalization – The modern couple wants a wedding that is all about them. They want a wedding that showcases their personalities and interests. DIY projects allow you to create wedding accessories and essentials that are 100% unique. No other bride (or groom) will create the exact same DIY project. This is especially true for wedding day accessories such cake toppers or wedding jewelry.

A Fun Experience – Besides the shower and bachelorette party, most bridesmaids have very few responsibilities. DIY projects are a fun way to include the bridal party (and family) in the wedding planning. You can have a girls’ night that involves food, wine, and DIY projects. These little moments are what make wedding planning fun.

A Sense of Accomplishment – When you walk in to your reception, you want to think Wow, I did this. You and your fiancé (and possibly the bridal party and family) created this magical day. That sense of accomplishment is amplified when you can say you physically created something whether it is as small as seating card or as big the centerpieces.

The Cons of DIY

As the old cliché goes, there are two sides to every story. While DIY projects have a variety of perks, there are also some downfalls.

Costs – Depending on the complexity of the project, some DIY projects are more expensive than store bought or professional versions. For projects that require a lot of materials, add up the costs of all materials and compare the costs to a store bought version.

Time – While you may save money on DIY projects, you won’t save time. Many DIY projects can be very time consuming. If the project is going to make your life too stressful, it may be wise to spend a little more money. You have to consider opportunity costs. Would you rather spend the month before your wedding playing Martha Stewart or would you rather be shopping for the honeymoon, getting your nails done with your maid of honor, and enjoying a bachelorette party? Unfortunately, there isn’t enough time for you to do everything.

Mistakes – If a professional messes up, they fix it. You can simply send the product back, and sometimes they compensate you with a discount for the trouble. If you mess up a DIY project, you have wasted time and money, and you still have to fix the project, which means more time or money. Always consider the level of expertise a project requires. If a project requires sewing and you’ve never touched a thread and needle, the month before your wedding probably isn’t the best time to learn. Don’t be afraid to leave some things to the professionals.

Like all wedding decisions, you have to choose if DIY is right for you. The best way to incorporate DIY into your wedding is to pick and choose which projects are important to you. Decide where you’d like to spend the most money and where you would like to save. Also, consider where your talents lie and how much time you have to complete projects. Wedding planning should be enjoyable, so choose projects that seem fun and splurge on the projects that would drive you insane.