Best Wedding Flowers

When it comes to the best wedding flowers there are quite a lot of choices for you! Which ones do you gravitate towards – roses, lilies, daisies, plumeria, dogwood or lilacs?

This year, we are seeing a lot of orange and butter yellow shades. These flowers compliment both summer and fall weddings. You can use Peonies, Icelandic poppies, Juliet roses, chrysanthemums, carnations, and ranunculus to make a beautiful bouquet or bouquets for your bridesmaids. Add a delicate chandelier and you’ve got a very romantic space.

Another trend we are loving this year is moss! Who would have thought this greenery would replace the lush leaves we’ve been seeing for years? Moss adds a fabulous fairy tale element to your wedding space. Technically moss isn’t a flower, but you can add flowers to it to make it gorgeous.  You can use a moss wall as an indoor ceremony backdrop or place it as a runner down the center of a long banquet table. Different flowers can be placed in the moss to add a great splash of color.

Another flower we love is the arthurium. It appears like a tropical flower but can be placed with more traditional flowers like tulips, roses, celosias, calla lilies and mini gerberas. The arthurium gives your bouquet a very unique look. This flower is especially fun for both summer and fall due to the range of colors it comes in.

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Wheat Centerpieces.  It’s no secret that we love the look of seasonal favorites, so when we saw these wheat inspired centerpieces, we couldn’t possibly keep them to ourselves.  The combination of wheat, floral, berries, and burlap, gives a great combination of both color and texture.  We also love the oversized nature of these centerpieces, as just a few make quite a statement.   These centerpieces would look great in an outdoor reception or underneath twinkle lights inside of a barnyard celebration.  Wheat isn’t the most common floral element, but after seeing these centerpieces, we’re sure this won’t be our last wheat loving pin!

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Gray + Brown. We love to see the fun color combinations that grooms come up with for their big day, and in all the wedding images we’ve pinned, we think this combination might be a new one.  We are smitten with the gray and brown combination, utilizing two much loved, but rarely  paired together neutrals.  The look is classic with a twist of playfulness, and we of course love the seasonal nod of the brown accents.  And the gold tie clip?  Well, that just takes this groom’s style to a whole other level!

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Tiered Wooden Cupcake Stand.  Cupcakes have become quite the wedding dessert favorite, coming onto the wedding scene strong in recent years and earning a special place among couples and guests alike.  We love to see the creative genius behind not just the cupcakes themselves, but also behind the presentation of the cupcakes.  This tiered cupcake stand is the perfect way to show off your bite sized desserts, adding a sweet touch of the outdoors.  This stand would also be great for mini-milkshakes, chocolate chip cookies, stacked macrons or any other pint-sized dessert.

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Pink + Navy Stripes.  No matter what year or decade, stripes always seem to be a popular spring trend.  Nautical just never goes out of style!  We love the simple and classic look of this centerpiece, as pink meets navy.  While most people would pair navy with yellow or red, this centerpiece takes a bit more of a fun twist with a nice springy pink.  And for people who think carnations aren’t the most elegant flower, are you thinking twice with this look?  Grouped monochromatically, they pack quite the punch without going overboard.

Black + White.  Brides have long worn all white wedding dresses on their special day, and while some brides go non-traditional with colored dresses, most choose to stay with the classic white.  But when we saw this bride’s black accents, we stopped in our tracks with a collective “oooohh!”  She introduces the classic color with her belt, birdcage veil, and pendent necklace.  We’re especially smitten with the black birdcage, an elegant yet funky combination.

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Small Things + Love.  We started pinning quotes this week, and it’s amazing how much a few simple words can inspire and uplift you.  We love this quote because it’s such a great reminder that no matter what you do, do it with love.  No matter how small it seems, love takes it to a new level.




Alternative Centerpiece Ideas

When most people think of reception centerpieces, they think of flowers. But there are plenty of fun centerpiece ideas that don’t involve flowers. Here are just a few to get you inspired.

Old Bird Cages – These are perfect for a vintage wedding.

Lanterns – Candle light is a great way to set romantic mood.

Seashells – This is perfect for a beach or summer wedding.

Ornaments – This is perfect for a winter wedding. Filling a glass vase with ornaments is a festive and inexpensive décor idea.

Fruit and/or Vegetables – Since produce comes in a variety of colors, it is easy to find options that coordinate with your wedding flowers and theme.

Gourds – This is perfect for a fall wedding.

Wine bottles – This is classic and sophisticated. It would be perfect a wedding at a winery.

Candy – You can make a boutique out of lollipops or fill cute dishes with bit size candy.

Potted herbs – After the wedding, you can send home the herbs with your guests.

Cakes or Cupcakes – Individual desserts as a centerpiece are a great way to save money on centerpieces and your cake. These desserts are typically cheaper than wedding cakes.

When choosing an alternative centerpiece idea, always remember to consider your theme, style and budget. Don’t feel obligated to use classic centerpieces if you want something more unique. There are plenty of fun centerpiece ideas; you  just have to let yourself be creative.