Vendor Spotlight The Flower Cottage

Vendor Spotlight The Flower Cottage

Vendor Spotlight The Flower Cottage

Vendor Spotlight The Flower CottageThis week we’re spotlighting a delightful local flower shop in Frankfort! The Flower Cottage is filled with charming arrangements from Valentine’s day wreaths to Sympathy garlands. However, their wedding arrangements are the big deal there and they go to great lengths to create the floral designs of your dreams. They have been in business over 20 years and personally deliver to Chicago and over 100 other suburbs. The owner is very knowledgeable and the staff is experienced designers who create what you envision on your wedding day.

The customer service is very personalized and they ask detailed questions to create your vision on your wedding day. The Flower Cottage has great sample books brides may look through and customize bits and pieces for their own design. They don’t even mind putting crystals inside the flower bouquets for that extra sparkle on your big day! It really glams up a bouquet and then when it’s dried (if you’re keeping it) the crystals keep it beautiful.


Vendor Spotlight The Flower Cottage Vendor Spotlight The Flower CottageThe Flower Cottage will design anything from center pieces, head table arrangements, bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnieres, unity pieces and arrangements for mothers of the bride and other special family. The arrangements are professionally put together so they do not fall apart on the big day!


Celebrity Wedding Advice

Celebrity Wedding Advice

Celebrity Wedding Advice

Don’t worry. You’re not the only ones still scratching your heads over the recent “ Conscious Uncoupling” of Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow.  If Hollywood marriages age in dog years, then we shouldn’t be surprised that the Celeb elite are now coming up with a more chic way to say “We’re splitting up”.


Celebrity Wedding AdviceFrom Perez Hilton

So it comes as a welcome refreshing breath of air when someone in the limelight seems so unaffected by it and offers up realistic and of course, ultra stylish advice. Enter Lauren Conrad- teen reality star turned do-gooder with her lovely Kohl’s clothing line, book series, and very smart website appropriately named, where she appeals to the every-girl. And now that she is a bride-to-be, we love following her every move and getting to the bottom of her super sweet and fashionable tips for brides. Here are a few of our faves:

Celebrity Wedding Advice

Always do a trial run: Who doesn’t want to look insanely glamorous on their wedding day? But don’t forget that you should look like YOU. NO surprises, no new makeup or hair trends, just the best version of yourself with styles that accentuate and compliment your unique look. Lauren is a self proclaimed purist- always knowing what looks good on her. She even swears “you’ll never see her with short hair.” Reason being? While we are certain she can rock just about any look especially a super chic bob, she just doesn’t feel as confident with short hair and feels that it isn’t her best look. Instead, from time to time she opts for a faux bob by pinning her hair up loosely and playing with the look for a night. Another great tip for undecided brides who may want that look for the ceremony but want their signature long hair on display for the reception.


Celebrity Wedding Advice

Don’t ask your groom about things he doesn’t want to know about: For Lauren, she wanted her groom to see sketches of her dress. He refused and wanted a traditional reveal on their actual wedding day. “ I ask him, is it a good time?” And she very quickly gives him a rundown of the must-know details to get his thoughts. Flowers, centerpieces, and décor are left totally up to her ( since of course that is her forte!) and wedding music ( he is a musician) is the element he wanted to solely focus on.  Dividing and conquering and putting your own personal seal on the things that matter most is the best way to avoid fights and end up with  a wedding that is a perfect mix of you and your groom.


Celebrity Wedding Advicevia Instagram


Tips for a Fruitful Marriage

We just love new ideas when it comes to decorating your wedding tables!  Perhaps there is no better way to make a statement than with a show-stopping tablescape that mimics your weddings central theme.  When scanning all of the new trends and timeless accents, we find ourselves always drawn to elements that are both natural and extremely elegant.   Flowers are always our favorite go-to, but there seems to be another “from the earth” statement piece making quite a name for itself of the décor circuit: FRUIT!

fruit centerpiece 1

Studio Benjamin James

From citrus for summer soirees to plums and deep hued pears for Fall fetes, we keep seeing this trend used year after year to compliment florals and greenery.  It sounds like it couldn’t be any simpler, but using fruits and other seasonal objects can maximize their statement when used in some pretty interesting new ways. Here are a few of our favorite ways to use fruit right now!

fruit centerpiece 3

Summer Citrus:  Fresh, vibrant, and fragrant!  Meyer lemons, key limes, and gorgeous navel oranges are all bright and fun but can also add a certain whimsy to a summer wedding.  Our favorite look is taking lemons in bulk and keeping the look monochromatic. That means large revere bowls overflowing with stacked lemons, various sizes of apothecary jars filled to the brim with even more lemons and bud vases and bowl filled with yellow flowers interspersed between the displays.  We say when it comes to the big, bold colors of summer, keeping things all one tone maintains a level of elegance that is imperative for a wedding.  We also love sliced lemons bordering a clear glass vase that is filled with bright yellow roses, tulips, or daisies.  Fun summer flowers like ranunculus can also be a fun addition to the mix!  For those ready to really mix it up, we say it’s okay to throw in a small pop of green with some key limes and lemon leaves. The mix of greenery and long garland with lemons and limes or even oranges mixed in can be a really fresh and organic way to celebrate!

fruit centerpiece 5

Jennifer Weems Photography

Fruits of Fall:  The deep colors of Fall make the season one of our absolute favorites for any event, especially weddings.  In recent years, September and October have replaces Spring and summer months as the most popular for couples to say “I do.” And we can totally see why:  Perfectly rouge plums, pomegranates, and pears are the perfect show pieces for an Autumn affair.  Mixed with plush, deep hued florals and accented by napkins or menus tied with natural raffia, runners of burlap or small natural linen satchel bags, we can hardly resist this look!

fruit centerpiece 4

fruit centerpiece 2

Martha Stewart Weddings

So when planning your event, don’t forget to think of all of the seasonal elements, not just flowers.  Fruits also prove to be a huge money saver considered how much bang you get for your buck. We love seeing this trend and hope its homage to all things natural continues!

Three Ways to Make Your Rehearsal Dinner Memorable

Traditionally, a rehearsal dinner is a formal event including the wedding party and close family. Normally, it features a fancy dinner, dress clothes, and a few speeches. Basically, almost all rehearsal dinners are the same, but yours can be more unique. Here are three ways to make your rehearsal dinner fun and memorable.

Rethink the Food

Rehearsal dinners often take place at a fancy restaurant, which is nice if that is your style, but there are plenty of other options. When choosing a restaurant and menu, consider your personality and the mood you want to set. Some fun options include home-style BBQ, Chinese food, or a DIY Mexican bar.

Play Some Games

The rehearsal dinner should be an excuse to party and celebrate. Don’t be afraid to include some fun games. Again, consider your personality and the mood you want to set. Some fun options include beer pong or the newlywed game. You can make this extra fun by turning the games into a battle of the sexes.


Just because you are having the rehearsal dinner at a restaurant, doesn’t mean you can’t decorate. Some options include fun centerpieces, lights, pictures, and favors. You may choose to coordinate the decorations with your wedding theme or you could choose a unique theme just for the occasion.

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Layered Centerpieces: Centerpieces are often the focal points for receptions, particularly if you’re planning on serving a plated or buffet meal, as opposed to passed hors d’oeuvres.  As much as we love the look of grand, oversized centerpieces, we also love the look of smaller, layered centerpieces, made possible with various shapes and heights.  This centerpiece is the perfect reminder that size isn’t all that matters when it comes to sprucing up reception tables.  We love the simple yet layered look of this centerpiece, made possible with simple floral elements and natural burlap ribbon.  The clear glass allows guests to be able to communicate across tables, sharing their favorite memories of the happy couple.  Wanting to take a DIY route?  Look for vases and glass containers at thrift stores and wholesale stores.

Joel Lala Photography

Boho Fishtail Braid: Braids have been a longtime staple in the wedding world, and with the recent obsession with a certain Hunger Games star, braids are back and bigger than ever.   We absolutely love this take on the classic fishtail braid, swept to the side and tousled just enough to look effortless.  This look is also perfect for someone wanting to secure their hair for the big day, without the formality of a traditional updo.  Swoon!

Jessica Janae Photography

Cheese + Cracker Favors: Food is one of the most popular wedding favors, and if you believe the old adage that food is the way into a person’s heart, we see why couples continue to share food with their guests.  We often see favors that appeal towards guests’ sweet tooth, so this food favor caught our attention, as it’s something a little different…cheese and crackers!  We think this favor would be particularly appropriate for a couple focused on local or organic, seeking out local farms and independent vendors.  So let your guests dance the night away and then leave with a little something to help restore their energy for the after party!

Photo originally from Martha Stuart Weddings

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

DIY Crepe Paper Flowers: We know, as well as any bride, that floral can often take up a big part of the wedding budget.  Floral can definitely have a big impact on a space, with its ability to infuse color, texture, and height into a space.  And while many couples decide to pursue DIY floral, it can be tricky, because it often means spending the days and hours before the big day surrounded by flowers, floral tape, and everything else you need to floral elements come together.  But what if DIY floral could be done weeks and even months before the big day?  Perhaps couples everywhere would rethink it.  With these DIY crepe flowers, DIY has never been easier, especially because you don’t have to wait until the day before to prep; there isn’t the living plant element to deal with.  We love these flowers for centerpieces, bouquets, and even boutonnières for the guys.

Save the Date Postcards: We love how creative couples get with their save the dates, and this adorable postcard is no different!  The photo and short caption on the front keeps things simple, and the details on the back are organized and easy for guests to read.  Another bonus to these cute save the dates is the savings you can have with postage.  Postcard stamps are significantly less expensive than regular stamps, which means you can send adorable save the dates and score a win for the budget.  What’s not to love about that?

Kate Ketzal Clutch: We are always on the lookout for fabulous bridal accessories, and this sparkly clutch had us swooning at first glance.  Small enough for a bride to tuck in her hand during a receiving line or cake cutting, yet large enough to stash lipgloss, bobby pins, and a mini perfume, this pint-sized purse is a match made in heaven.  The intricate detail and overwhelming bling factor make it extra special.  And though we’ve seen celebrities toting similar jeweled clutches on the runway, this one comes without the A-list price tag.


4 Table Décor Ideas That Will Wow Your Guests

Most brides know that the tables need centerpieces. This can be as extravagant as large floral arrangements or as simple as votive candles. However, what most brides don’t know is that a few more personal touches to your table can take your reception from nice to memorable.  Here are just a few ideas.

Spice Up Those Napkins

Many brides put a lot of thought into the color and material of their linens, but they don’t always think about the little ways to jazz up those linens. One option is to create custom napkins or purchase napkin holders that match your theme. For instance, a fall wedding could use napkin holders with acorns. Another option is to place a fresh flower or herb on each napkin. Not only is this beautiful, but it will make the room smell delicious.

Add Another Layer

Usually, when you choose your linens you pick a table cloth, a napkin, and a chair cover and bow. However, you can add another layer. You can use fun fabrics as an overlay to add more personality to your tables. For instance, a rustic wedding could use burlap overlays, or a colorful wedding could use hot pink overlays. One important thing to consider is the shape of your tables. Round tables should typically have round overlays, and rectangular tables should have rectangular overlays. (FYI: Reese Witherspoon recently used burlap to over her tables at her 2011 wedding. She had a beautiful, rustic wedding.)

Make It Sparkle

Small crystals make any centerpiece instantly glamorous.  Simply sprinkle crystals on the table to add an elegant, romantic flare. Best of all, crystals can help fill up space on large tables without adding more flowers or candles. You can use clear or colored crystals.

Forget the Numbers

Most venues supply table numbers. They are usually bold, black numbers on plain white paper on a metal holder or folded on the table. Unique table names can make your reception more personal and memorable. Some possibilities include names of locations you and your fiancé have traveled together or names of your favorite songs. Also, get creative with the holders. For instance, you could use wine corks or antique picture frames.

The important thing to remember is that you have a whole table to decorate. Don’t forget about the little details such as the linens or table numbers. Also, always try to personalize. Look for ways to include items or themes that are important to you and your fiancé. These are the details that will make your wedding unique.  4 Table Décor Ideas That Will Wow Your Guests.