Wedding Cake Alternatives

Let them eat cake. But not you. No, you’re willing to admit that you’ve never been a huge cake fan. So why settle for it now on your big day? If you’re willing to go outside of the ordinary or traditional, there are plenty of desserts that can be adapted perfectly for a wedding.


Even though wedding cupcakes are essentially still cake, something about their miniature size can be more appealing. With cupcakes, you can opt for a huge range of flavors, each one with a different frosty decoration. Plus, it’s still possible to arrange them in traditional layers; just ask your wedding baker for tips! For the true cupcake aficionado, you could even play around with flavored fillings and frostings.


Smooth and creamy, cheesecake is often a great alternative to cake. Once again, there is a variety of flavors available, as well as yummy toppings, and it can also be arranged in layers with the right kind of cake platform. Want a money-saving tip? Many restaurants and caterers will offer dessert as part of your meal package. Opt for the cheesecake dessert, and serve your smaller wedding cheesecake to your wedding party. Your guests will never know the difference!

Ice Cream Cake

Summer months are some of the most popular wedding months, so what could be better to cool off the big day than a hefty slice of chilled ice cream wedding cake? As with the previous alternatives, flavors and toppings are all your choice, and it’s still easily arranged in tiers with the right tools. The only potential downside to this choice is that you probably won’t be able to have your cake sitting out until the time comes to actually cut into it and eat it up, or you’ll have a melty mess on your hands.

Mixed Dessert Table

Can’t decide on your favorite dessert? Have a table arranged with a variety of mini desserts. A small plate of tiramisu here, a mini dish of crème Brule there. Or serve dessert “shots,” with a variety of dessert choices served in shot glasses! Or, if you’ve been to Starbucks recently, get inspired by their adorable cake pops, and put your dessert on a stick! Perfect for a light hearted, more casual wedding!  If you still want something to cut into for those infamous wedding cakes photos, you can always have a small, one or two tier cake made up on the side.


Light, airy, and silky smooth, mousse can be a great finish to a tasty meal. Arrange a display of small dishes, available in as many flavors as you can imagine, and your guests will love this change to the ordinary. Plus, most mousses aren’t quite as heavy or rich as many cakes or other desserts, so you won’t feel as full and weighed down, even after a generous portion!

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