Grandmother Nails It

Venue: Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza on 7.25.09

The food was great! Outstanding views from the 15th floor reception hall.

As DJs, we see many different events and a few crazy things now and then. After looking at the job sheet for Saturday, I noticed the bride’s grandmother was scheduled to sing. The bride wanted the singing to take place after the mother/son dance and I was slightly concerned about how well this would go over. In the beginning of the evening, the grandmother stopped by the DJ booth to express how nervous she felt. When the time came, I gave her a proper introduction, and she calmly made her way to center stage on the dance floor. What happened next blew us all away. She started with a 5 minute heartfelt monologue that explained what she was singing and why. She was outstanding! Even before the singing began, she had the crowd laughing one minute and tearing up the next.

Finally, the singing began and she nailed it! The entire room was on the verge of tears and disbelief. Her singing was absolutely breathtaking. She finished and the room was mesmerized.  A split second of silence was followed by a standing ovation. The bride and groom (still in tears) met her halfway for hugs.

The rest of the evening was wonderful. The family was great and they danced all night long