Chicago Spring Weddings On The Water

Chicago Spring Weddings On The Water

Chicago Spring Weddings On The Water.

Winter is upon us. For many, these months can bring about a hermit like attitude, but why fall into lethargy when you can look ahead and begin to plan your wedding day this spring?

For those of you hoping to plan your special day this spring, it’s important to begin your planning process as soon as possible. Although in a perfect world a wedding would just fall into place beautifully, sadly, that’s not the case, and action must be taken to ensure your vision can become an admirable reality. Anyone looking for a unique wedding day with traditional flares, as well as extra special memories should consider the advantages of holding your marriage ceremony on the Valara VI luxury yacht out of Chicago. While miniscule details can be pushed off to a date closer to the ceremony, the following things are necessary to set in stone now:

  1. Wedding Date – What date and day of the week would you like to have your wedding date. Take into consideration your loved one’s work schedules and lifestyle.
  2. Time of Day –  Are you looking for a sunset ceremony or something earlier in the day? Each time of day has it’s pro’s and con’s, and only you can make the decision!
  3. Guest List  – Who’s getting invited to your wedding? Family only? The entire family? Some family and some friends? All of your friends and some family? Although this part of the planning process may seem easy, choosing your guest list can often be the hardest, especially when considering other people’s feelings.

Think a Chicago spring wedding on the water is the right for you? Head on over to Valara to view options and see what other people have to say about their experiences aboard the Yacht!
Chicago Spring Weddings On The Water