Fourth of July Wedding

Fourth of July Wedding

Fourth of July Wedding

The Fourth of July not only celebrates our great nation’s independence, but it also marks the middle of summer for so many Americans. For those of us who endured the “Polar Vortex” that midpoint is arriving all too soon. But as anyone knows, no matter what your locale, The Fourth really is all about quintessential summer fun, perfect weather, and of course long weekends. We know so many couples use this time to share their special day with guests, but here are just a few other great reasons why this holiday is a perfect time to say “I do.”


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It has it’s own color scheme! Nothing is more patriotic and brightly colored than that American flag. Carrying through that theme alone with flag food pics and miniature flags lining the lawn, and also scattered in planters just screams festive. The primary color scheme is bold enough that white linens and chairs and very minimal décor is almost essential, saving so many time and money on florals and over-fussy tablescapes. Pairing the red, white, and blue with lush white hydrangea ( perfect for July!) and oversized white roses takes the entire affair to an elegant and timeless place. Adding lanterns with large pillar candles is also a great, Americana way to focus attention on the main theme.


Fourth of July WeddingA Bryan Photography

Sparklers! We all love that classic black and white shot of the Bride and Groom leaving the reception with throngs of guests lining their path with sparklers. The illuminating effect is so beautiful that they often make the best shots of the night. But for the Fourth of July, that already requires sparklers as a tradition, it ties right into the whole wedding vibe and are readily available. Not only that, but they are a super affordable addition!


Fourth of July WeddingSaskia Paulussen Photography

Hello, Fireworks! This one is a no-brainer. While other couples getting married pretty much any other weekend are spending a small fortune for a custom fireworks show, yours is on the house. Whether the venue already has their own or you are close to a municipality that provides one, it’s pretty much impossible to miss the sky light show that night.

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Statement Back.  We often find ourselves swooning over bridal gowns, but when we saw the back of this bridal number, we were literally speechless!  We’re not sure we’ve ever seen such a magnificent backside view of a gown.  Sometimes guests complain about having to stare at the back of the happy couple as they say their vows, but with this dress, we don’t think anyone would mind!  Wanting a blinged out backside like this?  Think hair up and simple jewelry to really let the gown sing.

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Streamer Backdrop.  Springtime in Chicago is upon us, and that means we’re gearing up for some fantastic outdoor summer weddings.  While we love some of the popular outdoor venues in the Windy City, we also love how more and more couples are embracing backyards, nearby parks, and hometown nature preserves.  This simple streamer backdrop adds the perfect amount of pizzazz, without distracting from nature’s beauty.  We love the multicolored streamers, but we also think this backdrop would look beautiful with shades of white, draped with ivory, cream, and tea stained linens.

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Embrace Neon.  Neon is one of the biggest wedding fashion trends of the season.  We’re seeing it in both men’s and women’s fashions, with brightly hued chinos, handbags, and sunglasses.  So when we saw these groomsmen’s neon pink socks, we couldn’t help but love their attention to both trends and personality.   The pairing of the spunky color with the classic argyle print is a match made in sock heaven.  We also love that these socks add some whimsy without distracting from the overall look too terribly much.  Bring on the neon socks!