2014 Wedding Trends

2014 Wedding Trends

2014 Wedding Trends

It’s such an exciting time, with this New Year teeming with love and excitement from happy couples who are getting engaged.  After the big question, wedding planning gets right underway!  Whether the day is near or far away, the planning starts to take shape right away as the imagination and dreams run wild into the realm of fantasy. When you really want to get creative there is no better way than taking a look at some 2014 Wedding Trends!

Two of the most important fashion choices for the blushing bride on her wedding day will be the bridal party dresses and the wedding dress. Some things to consider when choosing your styles include shades and tones that reflect the personality of you and your fiance. To get started, get an idea of how colors are symbolically expressed; for example, how purple can indicate friendliness and social networking, making you a compassionate and friendly soul.

Next, what type of dress will best fit your body? Short wedding dresses are going to be big this year, as well as layered mermaid-style gowns and lace sleeves. For all the hints, trends, styles, and colors, check out SimplyBridal’s infographic, Wedding Trends 2014.

2014 Wedding Trends

Budget Buster: The Cocktail Party Wedding

The Almighty Budget Buster: The cocktail party Wedding

We all have one. Without it, things could get dangerous. And when it comes to most pre-wedding arguments, usually it comes up. The wedding budget.  Some people are lucky enough to have endless means to throw the wedding of the century. But for most of us, we have to keep things in check so we can, let’s say, eat the next day.  While most of us also agonize over the things we think our budget doesn’t allow us, lack of cash flow can simply mean you have to be more creative with what you can spend.

The tone of the wedding scene when it comes to spending has become tricky. Even for those on a caviar budget, many are opting to scale back for a more “tasteful” approach.  We, for one, find this trend refreshing since it really forces couples to decide what the most important elements of the day are without being clouded with useless details and frivolous extras that guests mostly don’t even notice. With this in mind , we’ve compiled a few new trends and ideas that make for a chic event, yet don’t break the bank. Our first new idea to consider is a cocktail party wedding.

Who says you have to serve a formal sit-down dinner at your wedding reception? Cocktails and appetizers can be equally as chic and fun, allowing guests to mingle and enjoy the scene.  It also promotes dancing and ignites a lively vibe for party-loving couples.  We love the idea of bulking up the menu with heavier appetizers like sliders, mac n’cheese, French fry bar, and seafood stations. Also staggering the timing of when the food is brought out allows excitement to build as guests watch new items being displayed throughout the night.  This also gives everyone a chance to eat, dance, eat, dance, eat, dance- one of our all-time favorite combinations!

The same can be said for a brunch wedding. The earlier daytime setting is sure to save your money with your venue and also help you nail down options that are surely more cost effective. Consider this: Fancy eggs are much more affordable than a chicken, fish or steak options. And the buffet or station setting is perfect for mingling as well. A lovely Champagne brunch for your wedding is modern yet also a nod to how weddings used to be. Even the recent royal wedding featured a full brunch following the ceremony. Now what could be more chic than that?





Man-gagement Rings: The Next Wedding Trend?

According to The, 5% of men are wearing man-gagement rings. According to reader responses, they are also wearing male promise rings. Is this the next big wedding trend, and would your guy jump on board? Share this with your guy to find out.

What does a man-gagement ring look like?

Just like women’s rings, male engagement rings range in price and complexity. If they contain a diamond or stone, the setting is typically low. The most popular styles are simple with minor engraving or light embellishments. For instance, the ring might be engraved with a meaning word, date or lyric. More elaborate styles can be two-toned or feature gemstones such as rubies and diamonds. A common style is a ring with the groom’s birthstone.

According to jewelry trend expert Michelle Adams from, “Matching engagement rings seem to be the most popular right now. For example, a couple will decide to get engaged and pick out matching platinum bands or possibly matching sterling silver bands with a special inscription that says something meaningful such as the couple’s favorite saying, verse, song, etc. The men’s rings tend to be wider and often come in the comfort fit for easy wear. The women’s rings tend to be a bit more elaborate, often with a diamond or diamond cutting.”

If he wears a man-gagement ring, does he need a wedding ring?

Male engagement rings are typically sold in wedding sets. The wedding band typically complements the engagement ring and features the same stones or textures. Since most men prefer to wear one ring, they often have the two rings bound together to create one ring. Another option is to wear the engagement ring on the right hand after the wedding.

How much do man-gagement rings cost?

The cost for male engagement rings is similar to women’s rings. Costs range from low to high depending on materials and complexity.

Where do I purchase a man-gagement ring?

Male engagement rings can be purchased at most jewelry stores or online.

If my guy wants a man-gagement ring, does this mean I should propose?

Although not the norm, women proposing to men is becoming more common. There is no longer a belief that women have to wait for a man to propose. If you decide to propose, you could present your guy with a man-gagment ring.

A male engagement ring, however, does not require you to propose. Instead, you and your guy could pick out a male engagement ring after he proposes. Once you are engaged, he can wear the ring just as you do to showcase his love for you and excitement for the upcoming wedding.

Are men really wearing engagement rings?

According to jewelry trend expert Michelle Adams from, “Yes. It seems the men don’t want to miss out on all the fun. They, too, want to have a special ring to signify their love. It’s no longer uncommon for both the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be to both wear engagement rings.”

We’d love to know, would your guy ever wear a male engagement ring? Do you love or hate this trend?



Entertaining Children at Weddings

This can often be a touchy subject, because every family is different and each couple has their own style and vision of their wedding. There are always open-ended questions about how to address children on the invitation and what to do with children on the big day. If you plan on having more than a couple of children at your event, it’s a good idea to provide a source of entertainment, so their parents can share in enjoying your happiness without worry. Here are a few ideas for you to brainstorm.

Activity Packs or Tables

Put together some little packages that include small but fun activities for the children to entertain them throughout the wedding. These could include coloring books, markers, puzzles, stickers, board games, snacks and more. Or, work with your venue organizer to arrange for a table with these types of activities where children can play together.

Children’s Menu

Most venues will have an option to provide kid-friendly food for your little guests. This may ease a lot of trouble as many kids are picky eaters and may refuse to try, let alone appreciate, the type of food you may be serving to everyone else.


It can be valuable to assign a friend or hire a babysitting service to watch over the group of children at the wedding. This way, they won’t disturb your guests or your wedding activities, and you and your guests won’t have to worry about watching them yourselves.

Kid-friendly DJ

Talk to your music provider about playing some songs that most kids will love, to ensure they don’t get bored or disrupt the adults. You might even have your DJ play a short, music-related activity for the kids.


Consider hiring a performer such as a magician, face painter, or balloon artist. This way, children at your wedding will have as much fun as you’re having, and you might even get a few fun-loving adults involved too!


Entertain the kids by providing them with disposable cameras, blowing bubbles, kiddy cocktails, scavenger hunts, blow up guitars, and more! There are hundreds of ideas out there that can make having children at your wedding a joy. Just use a little creativity, and you’ll be an instant hit for the kids!



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Blackboard Decor

A recent trend has been popping up in a bridal magazines everywhere — blackboard décor. This trend is perfect for environmentally concerned couples because it makes everything from table numbers to favors reusable. It is also a good idea for budget-conscious couples who want to reduce the cost of stationary. Here are a few fun ways to incorporate blackboards into your wedding day.

A Reusable Sign

Many weddings use personalized signs to direct guests to the ceremony and/or reception site. These signs are especially useful for outdoor weddings. Rather spending money on a sign that you can only use once, why not purchase a blackboard that can be used again and again? For instance, this blackboard arrow from Playing Grown Up is an adorable way to direct guests to your wedding site.

Fun Speech Bubbles

When it is all over, the only thing you will have left from your wedding, besides the priceless memories, is the photos. It has often been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but why not add some real words to those photos? Show the camera what you are really thinking with these adorable blackboard speech bubbles. These are perfect for bridal party shots as well as unique bride and groom photos.

Reusable Table Numbers

Save a tree and use mini chalkboards to display table numbers. These elegant blackboards from HerMajestysPug Shop can be reused at other events, plus the silver border makes them sophisticated enough for a formal wedding.

Blackboard Glass Charms

People hate going to a wedding or party and losing their drink. Help your guests keep track of their drink with these adorable glass charms. They are a perfect keepsake for your wedding guests, and they ensure that Grandma doesn’t accidently pick up Cousin Joe’s Seven-and-Seven because she likes it is her Sprite.

An Old Fashioned Blackboard

Most brides spend hours typing up or writing out seating cards. They then go through the agonizing process of thinking of a cute way to display those seating cards. Save yourself the time (and help Mother Nature) by using a cute blackboard to write the seating list rather than using individual seating cards. Upon entering the reception, guests can simply check the board to find their table number. Added bonus: more room on the table for fun décor.

Chalk It Up

























Wedding Registry Basics

One of the most exciting and enjoyable tasks in the months leading up to the wedding is registering for gifts! Walking through aisles upon aisles of shiny new kitchen appliances, luxury bedding, and beautiful home décor is enough to make any girl want to say, “I do.” Although registering is a blast, it can also be a stressor so here are a few tips to help you prepare for a smooth day of gift selection…

Select Stores: The first step of registering is figuring out which stores you want to choose gifts from. It’s common for brides and grooms to register at 2-3 retail stores for items. Be sure to pick stores that will be easily accessible for wedding guests. If you have a lot of out-of-town invitees, make sure to pick a store that is located in their city or state. Online registries are great for most guests, but certain individuals might prefer to be able to visit a store and examine a potential gift in person.

Preview Items: Once you’ve narrowed down your stores, spend an afternoon or evening simply walking through them and getting an idea of what they carry and what you like. This way you can start thinking about what items you might want to register for ahead of time and plan accordingly.

Compare Prices: Chances are that certain items on your registry will be sold at all of the stores you choose so do your research ahead of time to figure out where you’ll register for which items. Maybe the price on kitchen appliances is considerably better at one shop, while you prefer the bedding at another. Go online to compare brands and prices so you aren’t doubling up on any items.

Schedule an Appointment: Most department and home stores will allow you to schedule an appointment to create your registry. Eliminate stress and guarantee a spot by calling ahead and setting up a meeting. Typically, an employee will explain the process to you and accompany you around the store to offer assistance on choosing items to add to your registry. Plus, as an added bonus, certain stores may offer after-hours registry appointments, complete with cocktails and appetizers, to create a relaxed and enjoyable experience for you and your fiancé.

Update, update, update: Don’t be afraid to add or remove items from your registry in the months leading up to the wedding. Suppose a pal buys you an amazing off-registry blender that you love even more than the one you chose. Be sure to go online or contact the store to have the original blender removed to save you the hassle of having to return it later. Or, imagine that the items on your registry become sparse after all the incredible showers thrown in your honor. Be sure to add more items for guests to choose from before the wedding.

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Wedding Day Necessities

Wedding Day Necessities

Wedding Day NecessitiesRegardless of what time of day your wedding will be held, the fabulous wedding shoes you purchased, and whether you’re doing your own hair and makeup or hiring a professional, there are a few wedding day essentials that you won’t be able to live without! Avoid pre-wedding disasters by packing a kit of necessities (or delegate the task out to the maid of honor or close friend). Don’t forget these Wedding Day Necessities.

Hair Maintenance: Whether you’re styling your coif yourself or bringing in a professional hair guru, make sure you bring along hair care products for touch-ups throughout the day. Regardless of how perfectly your noodle nest is styled, hair mishaps can happen during your commute to the ceremony/reception sites or during outdoor photo shoots. Be sure to pack some extra hairspray, bobby pins, and a brush or comb to fix unruly tresses.

Make-up Kit: Be sure to come equipped with make-up essentials for touch-ups all day long. Most important is powder to eliminate shine and concealer to cover up blemishes. Also, be sure to keep some extra lipstick/lip gloss, waterproof mascara, and nail polish with you at all times.

Hygiene Products: It’s better to be safe than sorry! Bring along a small container of deodorant, dental floss, tissue, perfume, q-tips, feminine hygiene products, and breath mints to avoid unpleasant mishaps.

Dress Prep: Avoid dress disasters by packing items needed for repairs. Be sure to have a small sewing kit with you for any unfortunate accidents, as well as hem tape, safety pins, double-sided tape, static cling spray, spot remover, chalk (to cover stains on the wedding dress), and scissors. Finding Your Dream Wedding Dress.

Back-ups: It never hurts to have a backup, especially on your wedding day. Pack an extra pair of pantyhose, earrings (and backs), hair clips, and even shoes, just in case.

Sustenance: Most likely, you’re going to be feeling an overwhelming mix of emotions on your wedding day, from excitement to nervousness to last-minute stress, and such anxiety can diminish your appetite, but it’s essential that you have something in your stomach. Pack some bottled water and snacks to make sure you, and all of your bridesmaids, don’t get weak or light-headed.

Miscellany: In addition to your beauty essentials, bring along some additional items for any unforeseen circumstances. Pack some aspirin and band-aids, tweezers, nail file, camera, cell phone charger, cash (just in case), handheld mirror, matches/lighter, and scotch tape.

Bridal Beauty Kit

Preparing for Out-of-Town Guests

If you’re expecting a significant number of out-of-town guests (i.e. if the wedding is taking place outside of your hometown or the groom’s hometown), there are a number of things you need to prepare in advance. You can’t leave your visiting guests to fend for themselves, which means the task of booking rooms, providing transportation, and creating itineraries falls on you. Here’s what you can do to ensure your out-of-town guests have a fun and effortless experience at your wedding:

Book Hotel Rooms: It’s up to you to secure a block of hotel rooms near the wedding/reception site for your guests. You should reserve these six months in advance in order to get the number of rooms you need, avoid scheduling conflicts with the hotel, and secure a good rate. Most hotels will offer you a set, discounted rate for the rooms. Ideally, you should book rooms at multiple hotels to give your guests the option of where to stay. For your ease, if at all possible, book hotels nearby each other and select places with various price points for guests that are more budget-conscious or ones who want to enjoy a lavish weekend away.

Secure Transportation: If guests will be flying in, it’s up to you to arrange transportation to and from the airport. If the hotel has a shuttle, you’re in luck, but if guests are staying further away from the airport, you’ll need to figure out additional rides for them. If there’s room in your budget, you can book shuttles for the weekend. If not, this is a great task to hand off to members of your bridal party, family members, or trustworthy friends. Also, make sure that visiting guests have a way to get to/from the wedding and reception.

Create an Information Pack: Be sure to provide out-of-town guests with everything they need to know about your wedding weekend. When you mail your save-the-date cards or invitations, you should include information about hotel accommodations, car rentals, nearby airports, wedding events, and a weekend itinerary. It’s also incredible helpful to include a phone number of a friend or family member that guests can call with further questions.

Create a Wedding Website: A great way to consolidate information and make it easy for anyone to find is by creating a wedding website. Depending on how tech savvy you are, this can be as involved as you want. A lot of wedding websites allow couples to create a personalized site including information on their registries, accommodations, schedule of events, and location details. Google weddings is the newest trend in wedding websites.

Assemble Gifts: One of the greatest ways to make your out-of-town guests feel welcome is by assembling a gift bag or basket for them. Put together reasonable gifts based on your budget and number of visiting guests and have them waiting in each hotel room. Some great ideas of items to include: snacks, bottled water, fresh fruit, brochures for local attractions and area restaurants/shopping, disposable cameras, homemade baked goods, and gift certificates for brunch, a massage, or a nearby eatery. Feel free to include themed gifts (i.e. beach towels for a seaside wedding or local apple cider for a autumn celebration).

Plan an Event: Since most of your out-of-town guests won’t be included in all of the pre-wedding festivities, like the rehearsal dinner, bachelor/ette parties, and brunch, plan a special gathering strictly for visiting attendees. Host a cocktail party in the hotel or invite everyone over for a backyard BBQ. It’s a great way to welcome your out-of-town guests, give them a chance to mingle with one another, and show your appreciation for the sacrifice they made to attend your wedding.

Featured Wedding – Jarvis/Markwell

Below are some inspiring wedding photos from the Jarvis/Markwell wedding reception.
All photos were taken by Z Photography in Chicago.

































































































































Foundations for Haiti: Land and Homes for Haiti

Riverside Receptions is sponsoring a fundraiser.

Foundations for Haiti.
Land and Homes for Haiti

Sunday, May 1, 2011, 6:00-10:00 p.m.
Riverside Receptions & Conference Center
35 North River Lane
Geneva, IL 60134

This evening will include a silent auction, heavy hors d’oeuvres, and entertainment.
Ticket costs will be $30 per individual.

Available in person through:
Sara Gorvett, 847.489.8026 or email at
Jennifer Theodorou, 630.881.5674 or email at
Victoria Anderson, 847-909-7430 or email at

Individual tickets can be purchased online as well, and the cost of admission at the event
will be waived with a minimum $30 donation to Make sure
to note “Foundations” in the purpose line on the AP website.
Bring in your receipt as your ticket.

Please RSVP to either Sara, Jennifer, or Victoria. We hope to see you there!