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How We Began

music by design

As with every successful business, our story begins with passion, market research, and a business plan. In doing our market research, we discovered some very interested facts. First, most DJ companies in the Chicagoland area did not even have a plan or a marketing strategy. Second, these same companies hired independent contractors, which created a lack of accountability within the industry. Finally, the majority of the DJs in the area did not know what brides and grooms really wanted. As a result, competing companies were telling clients what to buy without regard for customer demand. Clearly, the Chicagoland DJ industry was very unprofessional, cheesy, full of egos, and in some cases, very shady. Most weddings were ‘cookie cutter’ and involved a guy wearing a costume dancing and singing with guests using glow sticks, blowup guitars, etc.At this point, our opportunity to appeal to a new market was clear. We began conducting marketing research to determine what brides and grooms really wanted out of their reception.

Music By Design – your custom DJ service, was born. Class, Quality, and Excellence was, and still is, our platform. No cheese. No obnoxious DJs.The years that followed were great! Explosive growth in the late 1990’s resulted in positive customer feedback and we continued to evolve. Customer referrals and complete satisfaction is what we strive to achieve.
In February of ’99 we go fully digital…no more CD’s. Most competitors thought we were crazy, however, our tests results during 1998 proved this would eventually become cost effective. We also installed our CRM (customer relationship management) database to track and support our clients.2014 and beyond
We are exploring continued growth via social networking and search engine optimization. We still conduct semi-annual market research to provide our customers with the best possible service. As we continue to evolve, customer input is essential.

The entire staff at Music By Design, Ltd. is committed to making your event an enjoyable, memorable, and positive experience.

We look forward to hearing from you.