5 Ways to Have a Unique and Beautiful Vintage Wedding

5 Ways to Have a Unique and Beautiful Vintage Wedding

5 Ways to Have a Unique and Beautiful Vintage Wedding. Even though “vintage” has become a popular wedding theme, there are still ways to make your vintage wedding unique and memorable. Here are five vintage inspired ideas to help you create a beautiful wedding.

Ask Guests to Leave a Message

Instead of a traditional guest book, place an old type writer on the table and asks guests to type a message. Type writers are a beautiful piece to add to your vintage décor.

Create an Old Fashioned Sundae Bar

Sundae bars are great no matter what your wedding style. To keep with the vintage feel, let ‘50s style ice cream parlors inspire your sundae bar. Be sure to remember the milkshakes.

Photography by Amy Moss

Have Some Tea

Vintage tea cups and dishware make stunning decorations. Fill with flowers and place on your tables, cake table, and anywhere else you need beautiful decorations.

Offer a Popcorn Bar

A popcorn bar isn’t only fun and delicious but also a perfect way to infuse a vintage feel into your reception. Use old fashioned salt shakers to store different seasonings. You can also include different add ins such as candy and nuts.


Leave in Style

The perfect way to end a vintage wedding is with tin cans dangling from the back from your car. Be sure to include the saying “Just Married.”





pinterest pins of the week

Pinterest Pins of the Week

Pinterest Pins of the Week.
Clothesline Slideshow
. With beautiful Chicago weather upon us, we are loving everything related to the outdoors.  Chicago has so many beautiful green spaces, so we’ve been pinning a lot of outdoor-inspired ideas.  And this pin, well it might be one of our favorites.  Pictures have often been a part of weddings, and many couples choose to play a slideshow at their reception.  But for couples who celebrate with mother nature, a slideshow might prove to be challenging.  However, this gives couples a fabulous way to showcase special memories, while still keeping with the authenticity and vibe of an outdoor celebration.  So give us some twine and photos, and we’ll be on our way!

Photography: The Leekers

Instagram  Your Day.  Speaking of pictures, are you on the Instagram bandwagon yet?  We love this fun photo sharing site, and we are particularly smitten with how couples are integrating it into their day.  This pin gives you a great idea of just how easy this techie idea is.  Choosing a hashtag and letting your guests know the tag gives a great (and hip) way to collect your wedding day memories!  #countusin

Gold + White.  This pin is proof that sometimes simple is best.  Mix and match gold candlesticks with simple white taper candles for a sweet yet refined mood.  Grouped together they make quite the statement, and we can see this idea working for a garden party or an elegant celebration in a grand hall.  Want this look on a budget?  Scour thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales for mismatched candlesticks.

Photography: Julie Cate


3 Ways to Avoid Wedding Day Regrets

3 Ways to Avoid Wedding Day Regrets

3 Ways to Avoid Wedding Day Regrets. I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times, but you’re wedding day will go really fast. When it is all over with, you want to be able to look back and know that you made the most of the day and captured as many memories as possible. While planning the wedding, it is easy to get caught up in the budget and traditional must do’s, but there are some reoccurring things that brides often say they regret. Here is how you can avoid making the same mistakes.

Splurge on the videographer

Most couples skip the videographer due to budget restraints. They figure the photographer will capture all the major moments, so there is no need for a videographer. The truth is photos don’t let you relive your tear-filled vows, or re-listen to the speech given by your best man or let you re-watch your best friend’s attempt to do a split on the dance floor. If you can’t afford a videographer, at least ask someone who is good with a video camera to capture some of the most important moments.

REM Video Photography

R.E.M. Video & Photography

Don’t only order a few prints

Photographers offer a variety of packages with the option of prints, a disk with all the photos, or a combination of the two. Even if you decide to have the photographer print and assemble your wedding album, you should splurge on the disk with all the images. It can be overwhelming to choose from all the pictures and you might later wish you could print other images you didn’t originally choose.

whaley picture

Timothy Whaley & Associates

Take plenty of family photos

You may be tempted to rush through photos so you can enjoy the cocktail hour and start the reception, but don’t forget to take plenty of family photos. It isn’t that often that you have the whole family together (with everyone dressed up), so don’t miss the opportunity to get some great pictures.

hazelton photography

Hazelton Photography

These are just a few of the regrets brides often have. The key to avoiding regret is taking the time to enjoy every moment and capturing as many memories as you can so you always remember your special day. While you don’t want to blow your entire life savings on one day, you do want to make sure it is special, so do the things that are most important to you.

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Happy New Year to all of our friends and gorgeous couples!  2012 was an awesome year, and we have a feeling 2013 has quite a bit in store for us.  We’re excited to kick off this year with some of our favorite pins of the year (not too hard, since we’re just a day into 2013!)

How to Clean your Ring at Home. With the holidays behind us, we imagine your engagement ring is looking a little “loved.”  With all the hugging, handshaking, present opening, cookie baking, and glass clinking, it’s likely that your ring needs some sprucing up.  However, if you don’t have time to make it to the jeweler, don’t worry, this video shows you several easy ways to clean your ring, with products you likely already have at home.  We’ve been fans of the people at FabSugar for years, so head over, and check out some quick and easy ways to give your bling a little New Years love.


J.Crew Bling.  Blame it on leftover New Years Eve energy, but we are loving all things big bling lately.  Statement jewelry is having a major comeback, and these Lulu Frost earrings by J.Crew take the cake.  They come in white, which is gorgeous, but they also come in a creamy light blue, which to be honest, we love.  It’s a subtle but daring detail, and we love that these earrings could serve as your “something blue” for the big day.  And let’s be honest, when it comes to fashion, J.Crew does no wrong!


Change. A new year always brings an opportunity to reflect, and this simple statement captures how we want to take on this new year.  Sometimes the world around us can seem a little crazy and overwhelming, so this serves as a wonderful reminder to take a deep breath and focus on changing the world within us.




Fall Wedding Trends

It’s that time of year again; the air is turning extra crisp and the days are getting shorter. That’s no reason not to celebrate however, because Fall is one of our favorite seasons and paired with the changing hue of the leaves and charmingly rich tones we get to enjoy, we don’t see why Fall can’t be the perfect time for a wedding.  Since we are merely weeks away for the big holiday kickoff, the time is ripe for more intimate affairs and for the unexpected send- off to wedding season. In years past, summer weddings in May, June and July dominated in popularity when it came to planning your nuptials. Not that those months have taken too much of a hit but just last year it was revealed (in Chicago anyway) that September, the unequivocal welcome mat of Fall took the top prize for most popular month. And October and November aren’t falling that far behind.

So let’s dig in to our favorite fall trends.  There’s something quite magical and full of whimsy when it comes tot his time of year and these ideas are sure to echo that sentiment.

GOLD! We’ve seen the latest craze in Gold foiling and metallic spray painting pumpkins ( which could easily be used in a rustic, cornucopia style wedding) and now we are seeing other fall staples such as leaves, apples, pears, and even acorns used as décor.  The idea of walking into a wedding and finding your name wistfully scrolled onto a card attached to a perfectly gold polished apple is about as gorgeous as it gets. And so easy!  It’s organic, budget friendly, and something to really set-off the tone of Fall.  Follow it up with many other small gilded gourds or foliage around vases of seasonal flowers for your tables and you are golden!

Burgundy: If you think you are experiencing fashion déjà vu, you are not alone. Burgundy is without a doubt, the HOTTEST color for Fall and we have been seeing it on everyone!  Some call it Merlot, wine, jeweled maroon, but any way you put it, one thing cannot be denied: It’s HOT! The rich color is always a showstopper for bridesmaids as it really compliments most skin tones, and mixed with this season’s ever –so- hot hint of lace, it is a true fashion statement. We are even seeing brides with bright burgundy sashes on dresses and oversized bows for their bouquets. Either way you incorporate it, this color of the moment is sure to please even the most fashion- forward guest.

Natural Elements: Some of the most elegant Fall weddings we’ve seen actually took place in barns. With natural bead lights, and rustic table settings, the choices are anything but ordinary. Using the natural beauty of nature is key when it comes to an Autumn affair.  We love the use of seasonal fruits in large bowls; the dark grapes, the perfectly rouge Anjou pears, varieties of seasonal squashes mixed with natural raffia twine and seasonal flowers.  Take advantage of what’s all around you and you may be surprised by the inordinate and breathtaking choices you have available. Skip the peonies and lilies for something that makes sense. Practicality has never been so chic!


6 Wedding Shots to Add to Your Photo List

There are the traditional shots that are a must on your list, but why not spice up the day and add some fun wedding shots to your photo shoot. These poses are sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.

The Not So Serious Sexy Pose

We love the slightly sexy bridal poses that are trendy right now, but we also love a bride (and groom) who can have a good laugh. Involve the groomsmen in a not-so-serious sexy pose and you will have a picture that will keep you laughing for years to come.

The Morning of Photos

There will be plenty of pictures of how you and your pretty ladies looked on the big day, but don’t forget about what you looked like the morning of. Make these pictures fun by purchasing matching robes for your bridesmaids, and don’t be afraid to take some candid shots without your hair and make-up done. (Gasp!)

The After the Wedding Shot

You and your new hubby will create just as many memories after the wedding as you will at the ceremony and reception. Why not capture some of those precious moments on film?

Michael Segal Photography

The Just for Him Shots

Every groom is dying to know what is under that beautiful gown you are wearing. Let me remember that image forever with some sexy, yet classy, just for him photos.

The Boys Will be Boys Photos

While the girls are spending the day being pampered, the guys are spending the day goofing off. Let them have their fun, but be sure to capture it all on film.

The Before the Wedding Pictures

You don’t have to let the groom see you before the wedding to get some priceless photos together. Blind fold him for a pre-wedding kiss, or let a door separate you while you exchange some pre-wedding words.

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Groomsmen Sperry’s.  It’s hard to believe that summer is already winding down, but fall will be taking over the Midwest before we know it.  That being said, we’re soaking up all things summer, and this shot of these groomsmen and their Sperry’s did just the trick.  Footwear is one of the easiest ways for guys to infuse a little fun into their wedding day look, as well increase the overall comfort level for the big day.

Mike Larson Photographers, Inc.

Initials Cake Topper.  We’ve seen lots of fabulous cake toppers, and in fact, cake toppers seem to be making a comeback these days.  From fondant figures to vintage ceramic duos, there are tons of options if you want to have a happy couple sitting a top your wedding cake.  But if you want something a bit less traditional, how about these great initials?  From an adorable Etsy site, these letters would finish off any dessert with just the right amount of pizzazz and class.

Black, White, and Gold.  Black and white is a classic color combination, but it doesn’t have to be boring.  And this pin is perfect proof that the classic combination is bigger and better than ever.  With pops of gold and punches of patterns, the classic combo takes on a whole new life, perfect for a celebration to remember.  From the polka dots, to the box, to the gold rings around the candles, we are simply smitten with the fun take on this classic combo.

Wedding Insurance Pros and Cons

Everyone has a story of something that went wrong near or on the day of their wedding. For some people, it is something small like a tiny rip on the bottom of your dress that no knows is there but you. For others, it something large, and potentially costly, like a hurricane during a beach wedding. Some people opt to buy wedding insurance to protect themselves from disasters. Should you buy wedding insurance? Before you decide, read below.


Weddings Are Expensive

When you are planning a wedding, you are investing a lot of money into the big day. In 2012, the average wedding will cost nearly $27,000, according to Although wedding insurance typically costs several hundred dollars, you could save thousands of dollars if terrible weather, sudden illness, or a bankrupt vendor ruins the plans. If you are managing to plan a wedding on a low budget or can stand the thought of losing money, maybe wedding insurance is an unnecessary purchase for you.

Wedding Insurance is Comprehensive

Most wedding insurance companies offer comprehensive coverage. This means you could be reimbursed for deposits, vendor payments, travel costs, and other expenses if you need to cancel or postpone the wedding. Of course, the reason for cancellation or postponement needs to be covered by the policy, so be sure to read the agreement carefully.


You Can be Sued if Someone Gets Hurt

As ridiculous as it sounds, you can be sued is someone is injured at your wedding events. You can protect yourself by purchasing personal liability insurance. Also, make sure all of your vendors have their own liability insurance and ask to see documentation before signing a contract. You may also want to check that your venue has Liquor Liability Insurance if you will be serving alcohol at your reception. To be extra safe, you could purchase your own Liquor Liability Insurance.

You Never Know What Will Happen

After months (or years) of planning, you imagine a perfect wedding day, but the truth is, you never know what will happen. Some of the most common problems that are covered by wedding insurance are as follows:

  • Extreme Weather: This could make members of the wedding party and large numbers of guest unable to attend. Not only would you miss the people there, but you could lose a lot of money if you already paid for the guests. Extreme weather could also cause damage to the venue or cause vendors to miss the event.
  • Serious Illness and Injury: If a member of your family or wedding party becomes seriously injured or sick, you may want to reschedule the wedding. Wedding insurance would cover rescheduling costs.
  • Vendors who don’t show up or go out of business: Unfortunately, the vendors you trust don’t always come through. Insurance would cover deposits you paid and in some cases, would cover rescheduling costs. Sometimes, plans will cover the cost of extra expenses incurred such as last minute decoration costs because the florist didn’t show up or another cake because the baker is nowhere to be found.
  • Wedding Attire: Some policies will cover wedding attire that is lost, stolen, or damaged.
  • Military Absence: If the wedding has to be rescheduled because the bride or groom is called upon to fulfill military duties, insurance will cover the costs of rescheduling.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to purchase wedding insurance. Consider the risks and the benefits, and do what is best for you and your fiancé.