Custom Wedding Favors

Custom Wedding Favors

Burned CDs – Order Custom Disc Labels

Have the DJ play some of the songs that you both love, during the reception.  Perhaps all the songs’ lyrics share a common theme of love or romance.  Burn these songs onto blank CDs and make a decorative booklet with all of the song titles, to go inside the case.  Sure, it might be a bit time consuming, but it won’t cost very much, and your guests will be impressed with your hard work and creativity.  Plus, it’s something they will likely listen to for years to come.

Fortune Cookies – Place Your Order Here

For a fairly reasonable price you can order fortune cookies with custom messages on the inside.  Simply come up with different fun facts about you and your significant other, and the blurbs will be printed, and put inside the cookies.  For instance, one guest might open a fortune cookie that reads “John and Jane met in their freshman college math class, where they decided to sit next to one another on the first day.  They’ve been together ever since.”

Bottled Water – Custom Bottled Water

If you tend toward the more practical side, why not hydrate your tired and tipsy guests with bottles of water.  Sure, there won’t be anything overly special about the water itself, but the bottles will have both of your names and the date on the label – as well as any other interesting info you might want to add about the two of you.

Wine Glasses – Custom Wine Glasses

If you’re shooting for something a bit more sophisticated than bottles of water, opt for a classic choice: custom wine glasses.  These are sure to be lasting memories that your guests will be able to take with them, after everything is said and done.  You can choose to have whatever you want written on them, and they usually always come out looking stunning.

Chocolate Poker Chips – Custom Chocolate

Do you both like to gamble?  Are you going to Vegas on your honeymoon?  Why not give out chocolates with wrappers that resemble poker chips.  The companies that make these will usually print whatever you want on the wrapper, and it’s a cheaper alternative compared to many other options.  Too bad the chips aren’t real, right?

Notepads – Wedding Paper Divas

Perhaps you two are academics or creative types?  This can be wonderfully exemplified by giving out miniature note pads with both of your names and the date, printed on the covers.  Although it’s a very practical idea, you can still make the covers look elegant, which will surely blend nicely with your wedding aesthetic.

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