Winter Wedding

Fun Winter Wedding Options

Fun Winter Wedding Options

While we are all looking forward to summer weather, wedding season always runs ahead. While many weddings take place in the spring, summer, & fall we think the possibility of a winter wedding is being neglected. There are plenty of different ways to plan a winter wedding. Choose your winter wedding style from these fun winter wedding options.

1.) Have A First “Day” Of Winter Wedding.

You may not be able to have your wedding on that exact day, however the first day of winter can be a unique day to celebrate. There is no need to have a Christmas themed wedding if that’s not your taste. For dessert options think drinks! Who doesn’t love hot chocolate on a winter day? You can also incorporate warm and darker colors for contrast from the wedding dress and winter white wedding colors. There are plenty of experiences we only have in the winter to incorporate on your wedding day. The first day of winter always adds excitement for the holidays ahead. White, brown, & black can all be beautiful first day of winter wedding colors if you want to incorporate this theme option.

2.) A Fun New Year’s Eve Wedding

Who doesn’t love a good New Year’s Eve party?! If you choose to have a NYE wedding, you will have a fun wedding anniversary day to celebrate for years to come. You could even extend your wedding to go later into the evening to celebrate and ring in the new year with your closest friends and family. Plan on having a TV nearby so your guests can pop back and forth between the festivities and the NYE countdown. Similarly, you can also dance the nice away on the dance floor as the excitement ensues! If you’re lucky, your venue will provide fireworks!

3.) Winter Wonderland, Silver And Gold

If you are looking to have a formal wedding, this option is a great idea for you. Silver and Gold are gorgeous colors that can pull in the snow and other beautiful aspects of winter. You can make it a cozy vibe by incorporating candles and, if your venue has one, a fireplace. Whether or not it snows outside, inside you can decorate with fake snow to give your wedding a winter wonderland feel. Similarly, you can bring the inside, out with your wedding photos by having a fur shawl ready. Your photos will be picturesque if you incorporate beautiful evergreens, white skies, and metallic colors to embrace a winter wonderland vibe.

4.) Christmas Themed Wedding Option

Bring on the red and green! If you celebrate Christmas, the odds are, you are probably a Christmas fiend. The excitement of the once a year experiences, such as Christmas lights or special recipes, will add extra special memories to your wedding day. You can incorporate Christmas lights into your decor. Often, venues already have their own Christmas decor up, so you’ll have to do less work to accommodate this theme. To add a unique twist to usual Christmas colors, you can incorporate different hues of red and green. Burgundy and hunter green have been popular colors.

A Bonus Benefit:

When you have winter wedding it allows you to soak it in before you go to a warm destination for your honeymoon. Then you won’t miss out on the once a year winter season. And who doesn’t look forward to celebrating something to brighten up the winter gloom?

For more wedding planning tips and inspiration, check out the blog posts below. Happy Planning!

Winter Wedding

For those of us brave enough to venture out to our mailboxes this time of year, ( is it just me or is this inordinately cold for December?) you might be surprised to see that token winter wedding invitation nestled in between every Christmas catalog company you’ve never heard of!  That old adage, “people get married every singe day of the year” pops into your head and you begin wondering, “ Have we totally written off the cold winter months for possible wedding dates?” The answer in short is, yes. You have. But as the cold, dark months approach, we can’t help but be inspired by the sometimes hauntingly beautiful scene this time of year sets, especially for an ultra-romantic wedding. So we thought we would share our thoughts on how to capitalize on the winter theme and perhaps motivate a few newly engaged couples to consider the classic Winter Wedding.


winter wedding

Now we know as soon as that first snowflake hits the ground, some of us tend to forget how to drive or completely refuse to leave our houses all together. But when you take a moment to really appreciate it, ( Hello! Californians see snow like 2 times EVER!) it is really quite beautiful. Let’s face it- it’s white. It glistens. And it makes for insanely gorgeous pictures.  Couple of super cute tips? Go with the whole vibe and wear ugg boots under your dress. Get cute fur stoles for your girls to wear for outdoor pictures. They are functional and look absolutely perfect in the photos. Consider how amazing a sleigh ride would look instead of a trolley or carriage. Either way, embrace the season and have fun with it. Isn’t it time we gave our guests something else to complain about besides being “soooooo hot” at every summer wedding they go to? It’s worth a shot!


valentines day

And while the winter can certainly feel long, there is really minimal time for actual snow to be likely falling. That’s why we like the idea of playing up a winter holiday like Christmas or Valentine’s Day.  For Christmas, most venues are already perfectly decorated with twinkling lights and well-trimmed trees. You get more bang for your buck, plus things like food and drinks can follow suit with seasonal varieties that everyone will love. Serving a spiked hot cocoa when guest arrive to warm up is another super cute homage to your childhood while still inviting people to celebrate your wedding for one night only! As for Valentine’s Day, the possibilities are endless. With a whole holiday dedicated to love, you can really go wild. From your Valentine’s themed invites, to specialty chocolate box favors, and just about the most romantic wedding anniversary date ever, you really can’t go wrong.

SO there you have it friends- there is more to weddings that just June, July, and the ever so popular, September. If anything it’s a ( cold) breath of fresh air!

How To Have a Thanksgiving Wedding

How To Have a Thanksgiving Wedding

While Turkey Day is synonymous with well, turkey, it also seems like the perfect holiday and time of year to tie the knot. They saying timing is everything and the greatest gift you can give yourself on your wedding day is time as well. The week of Thanksgiving usually allows most people some extra time off and an excuse to treat themselves to a mini vacation or even staycation.  Be mindful, however, that for some guests, you are taking them away from their families and yearly traditions for a moment and asking them to share with you this very important day. In this case, some couples are choosing to get hitched the day after Thanksgiving or even the Saturday that follows. Whichever day you pick, a Thanksgiving Wedding is a stunning time of year to be wed!


Thanksgiving wedding montagePhotography via The Knot

As far as themes go- stick with the rich gifts of the season! We love the idea of re-creating a Thanksgiving meal for your wedding reception. With such an emphasis on food during this week, guests might be surprised and delighted to see you go in a totally new direction, while keeping it seasonal.  One couple we know chose sweet potato risotto with a perfectly roasted chicken accompanied by butternut squash soup and seasonal salad. For those hell-bent on sticking with tradition, the choice of taking your typical turkey dinner to the next level with individual stuffed Cornish game hen and roasted fingerling potato should do the trick.  Wood roasted root vegetables and poached pear salads followed by a pumpkin and chocolate mousse dessert is sure to show off your creative take on the normal. It keeps your guests guessing but sets a very homespun tone. You are after all sharing a holiday with them and now they are sharing the most important day of your life with you.


fall foods

Another great way to celebrate a Thanksgiving wedding is with small homage’s to the upcoming Christmas season. We certainly don’t mean having a full-fledged Christmas wedding, but small touches like balsam and fir twigs and glowing candlelight with tablescapes sprawled with pinecones is a lovely transitional décor idea. It may not be the perfect occasion to blend Fall wedding trends with the simplicity of winter wedding white. Some of our favorite wedding looks of all time are centered around keeping simplicity while combining natural elements. This time of year is perfect for that tone and allows you to really embrace the exciting time leading up to Christmas.


Fall Lighting

Wedding Shops for the Holidays

We reported earlier about one of our favorite online retailers, Shopbop and their amazing selection when it comes to wedding boutiques.  With Christmas just around the corner and holiday gift guides abound, we have noticed a new crop of fabulous, must-shop wedding boutiques that are sure to invoke fresh ideas for your wedding day. And for those of you who sign up for their emails lists, there may just be a holiday discount code for you to use now on your wedding gear! Love it! Here are some of our favorites and a few things not to miss!

Net-a-Porter:  This luxury e-commerce site is no newbie, but their newly updated wedding boutique is about as fresh as they come. The Wedding Shop, as they call it, takes you from Engagement to Honeymoon in the most lust-worthy of looks. With an on-call custom bridal stylist at your service,  and designers like Jimmy Choo, Lanvin, Chloe, Vivienne Westwood and even J.Crew, to name a few this site has you covered. Along with hard to find favorites like Roland Mouret, they run the gambit on pricing by mixing super high-end with more reasonable splurges. They even break down your styling needs into categories like Mother of the Bride, The Bride, and Bridesmaids.  And this holiday, the deals for this online gem are no novelty either. Along with slashing prices for the end of the year, free shipping and gift wrap are just a few of the perks you can expect in the next month.

Nordstrom:  When Nordstrom has a shoe sale, you go. When they perfectly pick the sweetest crop of bridal fashion and accessories, you have no choice but to check it out.  The Wedding Suite is comprised of Nordstrom regulars like Theia, Nicole Miller, BCBG, Sue Wong, and Jenny Yoo along with choices in lingerie, gifts, and accessories.  If a reasonable off-the-rack look is what you’re going for- Nordstrom is your spot.

Zappos: It should come as no surprise that the leading online retailer for all things shoes has emerged as a go-to for wedding shoes as well. With a plethora of dresses for brides and bridesmaids and guests alike, this site takes you far beyond footwear. Oh yea, and they have that too. A perfectly selected shop of shoes for your big day. What more could you ask for?