White wedding

Return To A Classic Wedding

Return To A Classic Wedding

For 2019 we are going to see a return to classic wedding! We’ve seen so many rustic and bohemian themed weddings that it’s a breath of fresh air to return to classic elegance. What should you keep in mind for a classic wedding? We can help.

First, the color white.

Weddings are usually symbolic of the white (in various shades), but a classic wedding keeps white flowers. If you want a pop of color stick to greenery. The classic wedding is clean and elegant. Choose clean and classic  flower arrangements, and avoid a floral crown. It’s best left to the flower girls.
A simple décor with white flowers is classic. Too much decoration is distracting for your guests. This will create stunning photos with clear crystal chandeliers or sleek draping.

Second, you’ll want to wear a more traditional dress with a long veil.

A classic style also utilizes long sleeves on the wedding dress. There are several styles right now that are stunning, even a little Victorian. Keep the accessories minimal. You want be the center of attention and not your baubles. Your groom and the groomsmen should also keep things simple with dark suits or tuxes. The boutonniere’s should be simple florals as well.

Third, the wedding cake will complete your classic wedding.

A multi-tier white cake with tasteful décor and topper are perfect for the return to classic. The flavors inside can be where you get adventurous and bold!

The classic wedding also pays homage to tradition. You can re-create an old wedding photo of your parents’ day. Think clean lines, elegant refinement and a neutral color palette for your classic wedding!

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Classy Wedding

Classy Wedding
Having a classy wedding is the more traditional route but it’s a road well traveled for a reason. The best way to gauge your wedding style is by asking yourself some simple questions. Let’s get started. Ball gown or slinky mermaid-style? Bling or strand of pearls? Church or beach? Do you find yourself drawn to timeless, elegant, and sophisticated attire, décor, and the like? A classy wedding inspiration board may help. Your style inspirations might be Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn. Your ideal bouquet is roses. You prefer a ring without halo diamonds, too much bling, and the like to apiece that will be looked at in 50 years as timeless. You are classic.
Some ideas, concepts, and traditions will set you a part as a classic bride. From your attire to your linens and
invitations, these little details are simple and beautiful. Let’s take a look at a typical classy wedding!
Your look / His Attire
Hair is kept neat and in a coiffed hairstyle. Makeup is fresh, pretty, and not overdone. Accessories are under stated and compliment your dress. Your dress might be a simple A-line or ball gown. Your man will don a dapper look and choose a tux in either all black or an ivory ceremony jacket.
The Invites
Traditional wedding invites include an inner envelope and most likely will consist of one flat page. Colors are usually in a bone, ivory, or muted tone with calligraphy.
Floral centerpieces are simple and typical of a traditional, classic wedding. Votive candles surrounding your simple
centerpieces can help make the event more intimate.
Small boxes or mesh bags containing classic favors such as Jordan almonds or dinner mints are a common favor for
your guests.
Reception Musts
As a traditional, classic bride you may choose to opt fora band versus a wedding DJ. And no laser beams or fog. It is typical for the Father of the Bride, Best Man, and Maid of Honor to give toasts and speeches in the Bride and Groom’s honor. Don’t forget the first dance between bride and groom, cake cutting ceremony, and celebratory
bouquet and garter toss!
Opting for a classy wedding won’t keep your guests guessing. In fact, they may appreciate that they know what to expect.