Wedding Registry Trends 2014

Wedding Registry Trends 2014

HuffPost Weddings is one of our favorite sources for all things matrimonial including Wedding Registry Trends 2014.  This week, they featured a checklist of the new trends for wedding registries and we have to say the list was spot on! We scoured through some of the best picks we think you need to know about and found out which ones are must haves and where to find them!

Wedding Registry Trends 2014Classic China:  Dinnerware has always been the most important staple to any traditional registry. Typically these china patterns come in sets and are prefect for more formal entertaining but can also be used for daily coffee and dinner plates can of course come out for every day meals.  And while your Grandmother may gasp on horror at the idea of using your fancy ( and pricey!) plates for pizza night and Taco Tuesdays, we just can’t see the point in not using your stuff when you can. Making everyday a celebration and enjoying your dishes is the new way to go. Just…be careful. Our favorites for timeless dinnerware with lasting power? Vera Wang, Marchesa, Lennox, and Martha Stewart make fantastic, durable and beautifully designed sets that you can use for decades to come and will look just as good as the day you got them!

Cocktail Party Essentials: Young couple love to entertain. And over the years, entertaining in general has Wedding Registry Trends 2014become much more casual than a formal sit-down dinner. So naturally, your registry should be packed with bar tools, appropriate glassware for corresponding cocktails, and gadgets like wine openers and even a wine rack to store your bottles. Canape or dessert plates and cocktail napkins are a perfect way to fancy- up your next cocktail soiree and don’t forget things like a bar tray, ice bucket, and fun decanters to round out the put –together, yet accessible look. These are components you can use everyday and also double as really chic décor for your first place! We love trays from West Elm ( they come in every color and texture and are also affordable.) For canapé plates, check out One Wedding Registry Trends 2014Kings Lane for specials on caterer sets in all white.

Gold Flatware: We saw this one coming from a mile away with sites like Style me pretty and Snippet and Ink featuring the chicest of weddings with tables dressed in the gilded look.  Although the look has a very vintage feel, it is suddenly very modern and romantic and takes a break from the everyday silver flatware we have become so accustomed to.  Registry experts say it’s a welcome change for couples looking for something a little bit different that still goes with everything.

Guy Gear: Why should the girls have all the fun? In the past few years, couples are getting smart about registering for items that suit their lifestyle and hobbies. Items like grills, tents, camping gear and bikes are all sure to make the grooms happy and also cut down on the costs of activities that couples like to do together. It’s perfect for the outdoorsy couple or for any pair that already have a fully stocked kitchen! Wedding Registry Trends 2014.
Wedding Registry Trends 2014

Budget Buster: The Cocktail Party Wedding

The Almighty Budget Buster: The cocktail party Wedding

We all have one. Without it, things could get dangerous. And when it comes to most pre-wedding arguments, usually it comes up. The wedding budget.  Some people are lucky enough to have endless means to throw the wedding of the century. But for most of us, we have to keep things in check so we can, let’s say, eat the next day.  While most of us also agonize over the things we think our budget doesn’t allow us, lack of cash flow can simply mean you have to be more creative with what you can spend.

The tone of the wedding scene when it comes to spending has become tricky. Even for those on a caviar budget, many are opting to scale back for a more “tasteful” approach.  We, for one, find this trend refreshing since it really forces couples to decide what the most important elements of the day are without being clouded with useless details and frivolous extras that guests mostly don’t even notice. With this in mind , we’ve compiled a few new trends and ideas that make for a chic event, yet don’t break the bank. Our first new idea to consider is a cocktail party wedding.

Who says you have to serve a formal sit-down dinner at your wedding reception? Cocktails and appetizers can be equally as chic and fun, allowing guests to mingle and enjoy the scene.  It also promotes dancing and ignites a lively vibe for party-loving couples.  We love the idea of bulking up the menu with heavier appetizers like sliders, mac n’cheese, French fry bar, and seafood stations. Also staggering the timing of when the food is brought out allows excitement to build as guests watch new items being displayed throughout the night.  This also gives everyone a chance to eat, dance, eat, dance, eat, dance- one of our all-time favorite combinations!

The same can be said for a brunch wedding. The earlier daytime setting is sure to save your money with your venue and also help you nail down options that are surely more cost effective. Consider this: Fancy eggs are much more affordable than a chicken, fish or steak options. And the buffet or station setting is perfect for mingling as well. A lovely Champagne brunch for your wedding is modern yet also a nod to how weddings used to be. Even the recent royal wedding featured a full brunch following the ceremony. Now what could be more chic than that?