5 Unique Wedding Shoe Ideas

White bridal shoes can be so boring, and for some women, high heels are painful. Luckily, fun (and comfortable) shoes are a huge wedding trend. Check out these 5 Unique Wedding Shoe Ideas.

Colored Heels

If you want the look and feel of high heels but you think white shoes are plain and boring, consider wearing colored heels. You can choose a color that matches your bridesmaids, or you could choose a color that is important to you. Another option is to wear blue shoes as your “something blue.”

5 Unique Wedding Shoe IdeasConverse Sneakers

Who says you can’t wear sneakers on your wedding day? Fun converse sneakers are a great way to add personality to your wedding day. You can choose colors and designs that go that with your theme or that have special meaning. You could also have groom and/or bridal party wear converse sneakers for a unique look.

Cowboy Boots

If you plan on getting married on a farm or in a field, your heels might stick in the ground. Go ahead and wear a pretty pair of boots. This is a great look for a country wedding. You can also let your bridesmaids wear boots. This looks great with knee length dresses.

Gladiator Sandals

If you are more a sandal girl, go ahead and rock those gladiators. These shoes would like great with a shorter dress, and you can find a pair with cute embellishments. You may consider letting your bridesmaids wear these as well.

5 Unique Wedding Shoe IdeasBarefoot

Do you just hate all shoes? Well, go ahead and walk the aisle barefoot. This is especially acceptable if you are getting married on the beach. If you want to dress up your feet, you can wear these adorable barefoot sandal jewels. They are perfect for a beach wedding.

Whatever style shoes you decide to wear, make sure they are comfortable and the correct size. Also, wear them around the house a few times before the big day to break them.5 Unique Wedding Shoe Ideas

5 Unique Wedding Shoe Ideas