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Fall Wedding Themes

Fall Wedding Themes

As you plan your fall wedding; there are more wedding themes than Halloween. Fall wedding themes can range from elegant neutrals to spooky and quirky. If you are have a fall wedding, then you should think about what sort of fall wedding you want to have. With this in mind, we have plenty of fall wedding themes to make your decisions easier.

First, The Obvious Halloween Wedding

If you see yourselves as a fun, quirky couple, a Halloween wedding would be so fun. You could go as far as having guests dress up in costumes, or as simple as using orange and black as your wedding colors. You could have activities such as bobbing for apples, or simply have themed desserts such as apple, or pumpkin spice flavors. As you can see, there’s quite a range you can choose with the Halloween wedding theme.

Second, The Soft and Elegant Fall Wedding

This theme also gives you the option to be informal or formal. For wedding colors think golds, soft nudes, mauves, and silvers. For flowers think soft colors with added wheat or greenery for texture. Your neutral color palette will make your bridal party pop in outdoor photos because of the vivid colors of fall foliage. Especially if you want your wedding photos and color choices to be timeless, sometimes neutral is best.

Third, The Autumn Foliage Themed Wedding

For this wedding option, think harvest colors. These color options range from eggplant, to orange, and many colors in between. For your flowers we recommend vivid colors and textures, such as sunflowers to compliment your fall foliage theme. When you are planning your bridal party’s décor you can choose to blend in the bright colors with some neutrals, or keep all the attire bright and fun. This is where showing your personality in your wedding theme choices comes in.

Garfield Park Neighborhood Wedding Bakery Fall Foliage Wedding Theme

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Lastly, If you are of the Mexican culture, a Día de Los Muertos Wedding Theme

Traditionally in the Mexican culture, Día de Los Muertos is a day to celebrate loved ones who have passed. This is a beautiful way to incorporate your lost loved ones who couldn’t be there on your wedding day into your day. Typically, traditional dishes are made, which we think are delish! For decoration, you can use your family’s beautiful Mexican sugar skulls both to decorate the tables, and as symbolism. Candlelight is another beautiful symbol of light and hope as well as a pretty aesthetic. If your family has a specific ritual for Día de Los Muertos it would be a beautiful thing to incorporate at the beginning of your wedding reception.

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Wheat Centerpieces.  It’s no secret that we love the look of seasonal favorites, so when we saw these wheat inspired centerpieces, we couldn’t possibly keep them to ourselves.  The combination of wheat, floral, berries, and burlap, gives a great combination of both color and texture.  We also love the oversized nature of these centerpieces, as just a few make quite a statement.   These centerpieces would look great in an outdoor reception or underneath twinkle lights inside of a barnyard celebration.  Wheat isn’t the most common floral element, but after seeing these centerpieces, we’re sure this won’t be our last wheat loving pin!

Aves Photographic Design

Gray + Brown. We love to see the fun color combinations that grooms come up with for their big day, and in all the wedding images we’ve pinned, we think this combination might be a new one.  We are smitten with the gray and brown combination, utilizing two much loved, but rarely  paired together neutrals.  The look is classic with a twist of playfulness, and we of course love the seasonal nod of the brown accents.  And the gold tie clip?  Well, that just takes this groom’s style to a whole other level!

Harwell Photography

Tiered Wooden Cupcake Stand.  Cupcakes have become quite the wedding dessert favorite, coming onto the wedding scene strong in recent years and earning a special place among couples and guests alike.  We love to see the creative genius behind not just the cupcakes themselves, but also behind the presentation of the cupcakes.  This tiered cupcake stand is the perfect way to show off your bite sized desserts, adding a sweet touch of the outdoors.  This stand would also be great for mini-milkshakes, chocolate chip cookies, stacked macrons or any other pint-sized dessert.

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