Heartland Honeymoon Road Trips

Heartland Honeymoon Road Trips

Heartland Honeymoon Road Trips

Heartland Honeymoon Road Trips

Taking an RV road trip for your honeymoon can be a great way to start your happily ever after time. It’s an excellent way to spend quality one on one time, share some unique adventures and build the bonds that will keep your together forever. Here are three different heartland honeymoon adventure ideas, each one starting from Chicago.

1.)     The Thrill Seeker Couple

From Chicago, head east on Interstate 90 about 5 hours to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. This is a very easy drive as this section of the US is very flat and easy to navigate. The real excitement begins when you arrive at your destination. Cedar Point is the roller coaster capital of the world. Spread over its 364 acres it has over 72 rides including 17 roller coasters. Many of these roller coasters were or are record holders in their respective classes. This is also the only group of roller coasters that fall within the 4 major height categories to be located in a single park. This means there is a coaster here to match needs of just about any thrill seeker out there. Plan on spending at least two days in the park to get the most out of it.

After getting your fill of thrills at the park, there are many other things to do in the area as well. Take a ferry out to South Bass Island to visit Put-In-Bay. This small lakeside island town has great night life during the summer months and the lack of motor vehicles on the island brings a slower pace to life and a more romantic aura. To get around, bring your bike with you on the ferry or you can rent a bike or golf cart when you get there. For accommodations, there are a number of small hotels and bed-n-breakfasts on the island. There is also a state park that has primitive camping sites where you can tent camp out under some of the darkest skies Ohio has to offer.

2.)     The Adventurous Couple

For the adventurous or outdoorsy types, head north out of Chicago about 3 hours to Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. This area is an extremely popular honeymoon destination because of the great diversity of activities it offers. The central focus of the area is the water. The Wisconsin River cuts through the area creating a beautiful scenic environment that any outdoorsy person will enjoy. Lake Denton is in the southwest section of the area and it provides excellent opportunities for swimming and boating activities. With all the water in the area, it’s no surprise that this area has the highest concentration of water parks in the world. There are also a number of dry amusement parks if water parks aren’t your thing.

After the sun sets, there are also a number of shows and entertainment options throughout the area. These entertainment options are world class and rival what you would find in other major entertainment cities like Las Vegas.

If outdoor adventure is more your speed there is a beautiful state park in the area which offers great hiking and an excellent connection to the natural surroundings. The river provides kayaking and canoeing opportunities. Finally, not far to the north there are extensive ORV areas where you explore the countryside by ATV or side by side off road vehicle.

3.)     The Romantic Wine Getaway

5 hours south of Chicago is the small town of Cobden, IL. Nestled in the same area as the Shawnee National Forest, this town boasts 12 family run wineries where you can enjoy a romantic evening sampling the fine varietals they have to offer. In addition to wine, there is also fine food and excellent entertainment offered at the various wineries in the area.

When not visiting the wineries, the excellent Shawnee National Forest provides great hiking, natural and historical sites to visit.

Chicago is an excellent hub to launch a honeymoon road trip. Whether you are a thrill-seeking couple, wine lovers, or looking for an outdoor adventure, the hardest part will be deciding which direction to choose.

If any of these Heartland Honeymoon Road Trips work for you, trying Outdoorsy for you RV Rental.

Unique Wedding Registries

Registering for wedding gifts can be one of the most fun aspects of the pre-wedding festivities, but if you already own a great deal of housewares or simply loathe the idea of picking out a China pattern, perhaps you should consider a different type of wedding registry. Here are a few fun and different ideas for prospective wedding gifts…

Honeymoon Fund: Opt out of knife sets and gravy boats and get a killer vacation instead! Online registries like HoneyFund  and Honeymoon Wishes allow wedding guests to go online and make a contribution to your honeymoon. The trip package is broken down into several parts—airfare, hotel, dining, activities, etc—so guests can choose exactly what they want to chip in towards and can help ensure that you enjoy a wonderful and worry-free vacation as husband and wife.

Lifestyle Experiences: Start your marriage off with fun and excitement by registering for unique activities through a lifestyle registry. Companies like Cloud9 allow couples to register for over 1,700 experiential gifts, including cooking classes, guitar lessons, whitewater rafting excursions, skydiving, and spa packages. Instead of packing your house full of more stuff, why not treat yourself to an adventurous outing that you’ll remember for a lifetime?

The Gift of Time: Alternative gift registries, like New American Dream, allow couples to register for gifts that emphasize service, quality time, thoughtfulness, creativity, and environmental consciousness. Instead of asking for generic material possessions, brides and grooms create a list of items or opportunities that they’d enjoy. For example, couples can express their desire for everything from a cookbook full of family recipes to volunteer hours to help paint their new home to homemade baked goods from friends. Any and everything can be added to the registry, giving guests clever ideas to bless the happy couple in thoughtful and practical ways.

Charitable Donations: Use your wedding to raise awareness for an important cause or charity. In lieu of gifts, ask your guests to make a donation to a non-profit organization of your choosing. Online charity registries, such as the I Do Foundation, allow wedding guests to make a secure donation to the charity/charities of your choice. Choose from over 60 organizations, including Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America, Habitat for Humanity, National Wildlife Federation, Doctors Without Borders, Planned Parenthood, and the National Center for Family Literacy.

Food & Drink: Now you can have your gifts and eat them too! Sign up for edible goods with registries dedicated to food and beverages. Bottlenotes, an online wine community, allows happy couples to stock their cellars with registries dedicated to boutique wines and stemware. Brides and grooms that love to eat out will enjoy stocking up on gift cards to local restaurants though sites like Foodie Registry.

This & That: If you’re in need of items for your new home but can’t settle on one store, consider creating a general registry that pulls items from a variety of retailers. A personalized wish list at Amazon or Wishpot  is a great way to keep track of all the things you need and desire in one central location.