Wedding Transportation – Making a Memorable Getaway

The wedding is over. It’s time to exit with grace and style. Choosing a vehicle for the church/reception getaway is just as important as any other wedding decision. It can compliment the wedding theme and create a memorable moment your guests won’t soon forget. Here are a few suggestions of creative wedding transportation:

Traditional: The most traditional form of wedding transportation is a limousine. It’s classic, stylish, and easily accessible. Limos are a great option for traditional and formal affairs and, as an added bonus, they allow your wedding party to stay together and be carefree throughout the day. If you’d like to change it up a bit, try renting an SUV limo instead of the traditional sedan.

Fun: For a more entertaining alternative, think outside the box. Rent a brightly colored sports car, ride off on mopeds, book a double-decker bus, or reserve a trolley to create a fun, unforgettable departure. You’d be amazed at the options you can find if you set your mind to it. Limo Bus.

Classy: To conjure up a romantic image, why not create a fairy tale ending to your day by reserving a horse-drawn carriage? Or, wow guests by riding off in a vintage automobile or classic Rolls Royce, if the budget allows it.

Athletic: Like any detail of the wedding, the transportation should be a representation of you as a couple. If you love the great outdoors or being active, play that up in your transportation selection. Ride off together on a tandem bicycle, hop in the back of a dogsled, or, for beachside ceremonies, make your getaway in a boat.